Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE



Wheelcheck is not very reliable tool. Ideally, you would want to find a resonance frequency that you would tune out with the notch filter. However, most people do not use the filter, as it also affects the real force feedback - the real signals and the resonance frequency could be too similar.


Thank you very much, Mika!
That was the answer, what i hoped for.


please remove if this is not in the right section newbie here, I am getting close to dialing in a feeling I like for ac on my simcube the only thing I am having trouble with is the lack of feel when the back end steps out I dont feel it till its to late the wheel is not centering to let me know when the back of the car is coming round and I dont know how to adjust for this looking for imput please on project cars 2 I can catch it alot more frequently but in that game I have other settings I need to dial in


You can use the LUT for make the FFB powerles in small things and stronger, with heavy steering.
Please do not expect too much, but it could be what you are looking for.
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Try this. You have to rise the FFB to the double and drive some rounds. I think, the 0.5|0.1 till 0.5|0.4 are more interesting, values over the 0.5 are implausible. But test it, to feel what i mean.


@Mark_Lee the things you need for assetto to work correctly are: gyro 1 (enabled) , simucube 100 percent with all filters disabled , recon 1 for me , unlimited tbw , and the same degrees for dimucube and in game. In game: gain should be lowered to avoid clipping. No minimum force , and try some slip and road effects. Also softlock shoud be set at 0 vec it has some problems but in order for bumpstops to work you have to set tge correct steer rotation in simucube and ingame fpr each car. There is a list if you search.


Hello guys, long time no see. Its nice to receive messages asking for my latest settings so here they are:

I’ve been using this for the past couple months and honestly not sure what else to change :slight_smile:

Almost RAW signal in simucube with a little bit of friction to have the wheel tighter in the center.

No filters and other bullshit in game settings.

System cfg files with 0 damping just with gyro.


FF_post_process GAMMA VALUE at 1.0.


I will gladly answer all questions here or my facebook :slight_smile:


If you want to use LUT you also have to set TYPE=LUT in the [HEADER] section of the ff_post_process.ini.


Hello guys, I cannot get rid of the “sand” effect on AC (small mige 20nm osw, biss-c).
Tried everything, uninstalled CM, re-set ffb post process files and assetto corsa.ini file, but still this “sand” effect that ruins the ffb…I think I am only left with the option of reinstalling the game from scratch.
(for the record, every other sim is fine, only on iracing I was having something similar but then I solved it with the settings taken from the Augury site).


Did you try LAR555 settings ?


After using Recon Filter 1/2 for a few months, I switched to 8. I find this to gives me a better rubbery feel of the wheel. 1/2 feels like having a go kart where you’re basically feeling the full chassis through the wheel and getting a lot of feedback. 8 gives me a feeling of there being suspension and hydraulic steering in the mix. Thus the feedback I get is the feeling of what the tires are doing.

An easy test is to take a GT3 car at EauRouge/Radillon. When turning right up the hill the recon 1/2 will have a lot of chatter coming through the wheel where as 8 will give you a rubber flexing under you as the car tries to tighten up.

Another test is Zandvoort or Road Atlanta. 1/2 add a lot of harshness from the track surface into the wheel making it actually hard to hold the wheel for an hour long race. 8 creates a layer of damping from the steering and suspension that helps soak up the impact. You can still feel the road and surface but the rubber flex takes priority and the car is drivable for a long period.

Again, there’s no easy answer or even right answer as feedback is actually a very subjective thing.


And it’s not just in specific cars? Most cars feel fine for me except for example the ae86.


not yet, must give it a try


on every car, no differences at all :frowning:


Road Effects active in AC FFB settings? Should be zero.


“Should be” whatever the driver wants them to be to feel comfortable to push the limit.


Should be zero if you don’t want “sand-feeling”…


AC surface details are very raw and harsh by nature; they require a lot more filtering than in most titles.


Gamma value = 1.0 but enabled = 0.
So gamma is not used then?


Sounds stupid, but change the number to 2.0 or 0.5 and you will feel the difference. The higher you go the slower wheel response gets


I didn’t try 0.5 or 2.0 but with 1.0 I couldn’t see any difference even when enabled was set to 1.
I know what you mean by too agile wheel, I usually tame it down a bit like this