Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE



FOV from 50 to 51 you said NO.

These are the adjustments that I have after speaking with you.

something is missing?
or is it correct?


if you had changed the mmc=18.50 , when you set 100% in simucube it should say 18.50 , in the photo you provided it says 20.

Did you set 1180 in content manager in axes ?


Yes 1180 in content manager .

I changed MMC = 18.5
I do not know why 20 appears in simucube.


you probably didn’t save it , but it is not a problem if you like your setup.

Also just something to know , you don’t have to change the ini files when you use content manager , content manager changes them for you.


Changing 20 -> 18.5 for MMC parameter is the same as setting the slider in Simucube to indicate 18.5. There is absolutely no need to use Granity to experiment this setting.


completely cancel the dampening effect I find it wrong because it is also used for the gyro


Then what do I do?

I leave it at 20 or I change it at 18.5 ??

and regarding the ini files, do I leave them default?
(Gyro = 0)


no need to worry about ini files atm , content manager changes them.


then I try to change the MMC from 20 to 18.5, no?

because comrade Mika says that it is not necessary …

what I do??


you do what the delevoper Mika tells you.



What is it…?

leave it at 20 ??


yes. he says not to alter granity settings.


yes, the MMC setting is directly available in Simucube user interface, so no need to go to Granity to change that. However, if you want to fine-tune settings that alter the feeling, namely, the MCC value and the MPP values, then you should really know about the power supply your system is using.

Having MUL=DIV is recommended,but it should not alter the feel in discernible way if they are 50=50 or 100=100.

Hopefully you can consider the topic of this thread, which is to focus on Assetto Corsa. We will remove any further discussion on altering Granity settings - please make a new thread for that.


Ok, thank you!



Quick question.

Having followed the advice in this thread relating to Simucube, in-game and .ini settings and I’m very happy with the FFB I’m getting in AC. (100% Simucube, 30% gain (in game) and 100% car FFB)

However the ‘return to centre’ strength when exiting a corner or bend doesn’t feel quite right. It’s a bit too aggressive rather than progressive, to the point where I’ve almost got to catch, hold and then feed the wheel back to centre rather than smoothly feeding the wheel back to centre as the resistance reduces. (Which I can achieve in Rfactor2)

Is there a Simucube, in-game or .ini setting which can solve this or could it be a characteristic of the car being driven? (BMW Z4 GT3)



I feel that’s just how AC-FFB is; the SAT tends to be more linear than progressive (like in iRacing, rF2, AMS, etc.). I suspect that’s what you’re noticing too but, perhaps someone else can chime in with some suggestions that may help.


I was recommended to put 1180 ° of turn.


What do you think of this?

It is advisable?

to correct the address and have a more linear address?


no , this is not going to work for dd.