Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE



@GlobeSpy . Let me know if you like it.

what we had different from when we used 48v psu. DIV=MUL=100 and FOV=51 . As some will say it changes nothing but i wanted to let you know and try them if you want. Anyway the first thing that is easy and you can do it to try how you like it is change the MMC=18.50 . Check this out and if you don’t like it you can always go back to MMC=20 .

i also have the latest ioni firmware but better wait until the simucube firmware updates and it will update ioni aswell.


thank you very much, tomorrow afternoon I try it.

The first thing that I would have to modify is this: DIV=MUL=100 and FOV=51
if I do not like to leave it as it was …

and the second thing that I have to prove is this:

it is right??


Vorrect but you fon’t have to change yhem all tpgether. Start with mmc only and if you want later try div=mul=100. Leave fov last or don’t change it all. This way you will know if the change ypu made had an effect somewhere.


Yes of course…
I’ll do the same as with the car setups.
change 1 parameter and try.




correct , you can try them.


it does not connect me …
It takes many minutes like this.


simplemotion …x basic uart) . try that


Nothing…the same


sorry … I lost all afternoon because of my clumsiness …
I did not remember that I had to activate in simucube (ioni usb), that’s why I did not connect … :frowning:

then I still connect with it port (COM9), right?

although tomorrow morning I will do the tests …


if you don’t select the correct it won’t connect so it is oneway.

You can leave fov at 50 for the time being. And just check the other values for the beginning.


okay ,
this afternoon I tested with CM9 and it was connected.

Why do not I touch the fov?


no need to alter it.


Ok , Perfect!!

then it does not matter if I connect with (simplemotion … x uart basic) that with (CEM9)?

Are they both?
I choose one of the two?


I just tried all those parameters that you indicate me …
I do not notice anything special, the truth … something in touch.
maybe something softer …

right now I left alone: MMC=18.5 and DIV/MUL=100

tested with the championship car I’m in (bmw M3 e30 GrA DTM)

What exactly do you have to do by modifying those parameters?


Most likely you need to up the gain. That’s logical since you were using 20amps in simucube before , and now if you have it at 100% 18.5amps you want to increase the gain in content manager. Try 30% , 35% , 40% or even more until you find something that you like and you feel comfortable.


With the gain of 40%, you already feel very strong.

I leave it at 40, and I’m going to force each car with the keys (- +), even below 100%??


ofc you can go below 100 per car. But remember strong feels nice but it isn’t always faster. Do some lap testing and see what combination brings better results without loosing the car due to high forces. Happy driving!


So, to change the degrees of the steering wheel, I only change it in the content manager?

or do we have to change it also in simucube?


if you still have 1180 on simucube , with soft lock disabled in content manager and hardware lock enabled , then the only thing to check is that ejes (axes) is also set to 1180 . You are not supposed to do anything else.

Is there a problem with the degrees ?