Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE



ok perfect Loukas
then I will put it in 25% fixed in content manager, and I will adjust the strength to my liking by car with the keys “+, -”

is it like that?


You don’t have to be exact on thenumber, since i can’t test it. Give it a try , maybe 27 is better. Take a bmw gt2 and do some laps and see. For some cars you may want to exceed 100 per car , lets say even 130 , feel it by hand but also check your lap times.



I am going to try



He estado probando al 27%

Está bien, pero tengo que subir el FFB mucho con las teclas (- +).

apenas clippea

¿Es necesario el FFClip en este caso?


because I’ve been testing FFClip and the address becomes very soft

I have not touched anything on FFClip, I do not know if it’s okay or we have to adjust more things.

at the moment I have it uninstalled.


i don’t use it as i told you but the thing that i know is that the large mige with 20amps should produce about 22.34nM so Harware max torque should be set as close as possible to that. You have to test it on your own to find the best overall gain and then gain per car but if you can push the car faster than you did before you are on the right direction. Also as i remember you have to do some laps for it to find the correct settings.


thank you

then the FFclip did not install it.

but it’s good to know all that information.

I’m going to keep trying these days, but I like how it’s going right now … maybe a little more force with the keys (- +)


because you can not raise more than 28% strength in content manager?

I do not ask because it’s wrong, it’s just to know it.

because for example Manashttu has it at 60/60 …
That’s wrong?


I use 17.5amps and i used to have 30 gain and we settled for 28 as it felt better.

if it doesn’t clip it’s ok , and as i told you there is no right or wrong. ffb is subjective. you use 20amps but Manashttu from what i saw uses 15amps , so he can use more gain ingame.


the truth is that I’ve always read that you have to put 100 in osw, and “x” in Assetto …

every time I like this configuration more …


I’m trying to get down to 2’16 with soft (S), with the Ferrari 458GT2 on Spa the track like this:


friction was at 1% and not 0.50% , my bad.


Then I have to upload it twice, right?
0.50 + 0.50 = 1 ??


i mean that in simucube , in other filters , friction 1% instead of 0.50%


Ok Loukas ,thanks

I’ll taste it tomorrow


So, I have my simucube well adjusted?

the truth is that I feel very good with your adjustments…


I’m assuming this also works for small MiGe.
I have my MMC at 12.86A (Max for small MiGe), and had always ran my MCC at 11:00A.
So now I have my MCC at 12.36A. 0.5A below MMC.

I’ll let you know if I notice anything different.
What did you notice exactly that was such a game change?
Was it only in Assetto Corsa?


It is not as strong as before, I notice the road better, and the reactions are more natural and more similar to reality.

it is soft when it must, and firm at the same time …

at the moment I’m just competing in Assetto Corsa.
in fact this thread is for Assetto Corsa.


I will try this out today.
I would have thought that raising the MCC to a higher value (closer to the maximum amperage of the servo) would have created a stronger wheel?
If the maximum continuous current is higher then surely more current equates to stronger minimum feedback?

Sorry if I am not understanding this.

I changed a typo in my previous post - so my new MCC is 12.360A and MMC stays at 12.860A


This caused my Simucube to fail to startup properly, so I guess not a good thing for Small MiGe?
My FOV is currently 51V and that’s more than 102% of the 48V HV BUS.