Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE



thank you very much really, everyone.

Of course I want you to help me with the configuration Loukas.

mine is not a matter of adaptation to the steering wheel.

Something weighs me down and I do not know what it is.

I even change the pedals, from the V3 to the HE Pro, but the thing remains the same.

so I do not know what to do anymore or what to think.

for now, at least I would like to have the OSW properly configured.

my teammates tell me, it can not be that they take you so long, you should be up doing the same times as the top ones.

so I no longer enjoy my great hobby.

so thank you very much to everyone again, for your interest and wanting to help me.


Pro-10, your new system should make you crave time behind the wheel . . . so I bet this frustration will pass with some new settings. When I get home I’ll send you some screen shots of my large Mige setup–though I have a different encoder, it is the SinCos. My settings have been heavily influenced by Loukas and MorOSWer on here . . .

Don’t give up. Every sim I’ve tried, all the way back to ancient titles like NR2003 and GTR2, have been more enjoyable than before once the settings were tweaked for the DD wheel. Assetto is one of the harder ones to adapt, but it will be worth it.


Thanks, I’ll be happy to try them.

I usually carry the default configuration, 900 ° of rotation, 30-40 of force in Simucube ,and 100% in Assetto always.

I only have modoficados the files (ini):
Gyro 1
softlock 1


some fast things before the storm :stuck_out_tongue:

Softlock doesn’t work properly. Either set the degrees of rotation manually for each car in simucube and ingame or use content manager.

Make sure you don’t have any leftovers settings in ini files , like let’s say lut because you have tried them for other wheels.

Always set the wheel 100% in simucube and lower the gain. I don’t know how your wheel is setup in granity but gain could vary from 27 to lets say 37 as a rough guess. I can help you more if you post photos of granity , but you whould still have to find that on your own. Don’t forget to alter the ffb intensity for each car with keyboard “+” and “-”. Also make sure you have filter and min force at 0.

you can use 0.5 friction , it can help.

exept from gyro , try DAMPER_MIN_LEVEL=0.1 .

don’t forget to set brake gamma to 1 for linearity if you bought brake with load cell.


Here are my Content Manager and Simucube settings. They are simply what I settled on after a lot of fiddling and reading this forum. In each car, I typically lower the FFB strength even more to anywhere from 70 to 90 % depending on how it feels. I like it to communicate, feel like I’m driving a race car, but it need not leave me sore the next day.

This is Large Mige with SinCos encoder.


Pro 10 your setting are really strange. Actual max current only 6A with big Mige? Then overall strengh set on 30%? What about clipping? You really need help mate…


thank you

Mirek: it’s how much more comfortable I feel, with 100% strength in
simucube and 30-40 in Assetto I notice very strong the “rebounds” and not so much the direction.

Manashttu: I’m going to test your configuration, I do not have the content manager … that has something to do with it?
because I can install it.

Loukas_Bourdas: * when changing the degrees of rotation is it necessary to calibrate the steering wheel in the game? (Loukas_Bourdas: * when changing the degrees of rotation is it necessary to calibrate the steering wheel in the game? (every time)

  • Lut is by default.

  • yes, the filter and the minimum force I have always had in 0. but I do not usually use the “+ and -” keys to play with force.

  • The brake gamma is at 1.

Regarding the INI files, the only one to play is Gyro = 1?
and DAMPER_MIN_LEVEL = 0.1, I’ll try to find it.

Do you need something else, some catch?


Content manager helps with the degrees of rotation , it will properly set the dor and you will also have bumpstops.

If you don’t use content manager you can set them by hand. I have somewhere around here a list with every car and it’s dor. Let’s say you want a drift supra, that has 900. You go to the game settings and you adjust the degrees to 900 by hand. You don’t have to calibrate. Then you change that to simucube aswell. I would advise you if you go with this method to have some profiles with different degrees ready for simucube.

Just make sure that in ff_post_process INI , the type is set to gamma and not lut , and that the ENABLED=0

Inside the file that you have ENABLE_GYRO=1 , change the DAMPER_MIN_LEVEL=0.1 or 0.12 (whatever you prefer)

If you don’t adjust the ffb force per car with your keyboard + and - , you will have clipping . if you can not feel it by hand you will have a hard time finding the best setting for overall gain . There was an extension app that can help but i don’t remember it’s name.

ok it was an easy search , although i don’t use it since i don’t need it but it will come in handy until you start to feel the difference. (it has DD-mode )

also tell us what is your max Amp in simucube or if you can post a photo of granity in machine tab .

Make sure you have simucube and ioni updated. ioni is in 1.7.9 atm.


1180° y 40% force in Assetto.

If I download content manager, do I need FFClip?
FFClip I’ve been using it for a while ,no now.

I already have content manager downloaded, and modified the ini files that you told me …
Are the Manashttu Mate settings correct?


content manager changes the ui and adds some functions that are missing. But it has nothing to do with the ffbclip.

Content manager will help you get the degrees locked for each car. Just make sure you have soft lock unticked and hardware lock ticked.

If you set the simucube at 100% and it reports 20Amps then you definetely want less gain in assetto corsa. I set it at 100% but mine is configured for 17.5Amps and ingame i need 28 gain. So if you have it 100% 20Amps try lower than 28. 25 for example. Try some numbers until you find a good one. But don’t forget that you will go nowhere if you don’t tone up “+” or down “-” the ffb per car. Gt3 may be good with 100 in car or even more , but for a drift car or something else you may want to turn that down. That’s where ffb clip app comes in handy.

Also some of the settings that i told you to make inside the ini are given to you by content manager. I told you to try DAMPER_MIN_LEVEL=0.1 or 0.12 inside the ini. That is given to you in content manager but it will show up as 10% or 12% . That is what Manashttu has as 15% under experimental.


So is the configuration fine?

or do you have to touch something else?

FFClip installed.

I’ll try it this afternoon.


i use 12% minimum damper level .

In simucube i have all directinput effects at 0 and in other effects i only use friction at 0.50% with no inertia/damping.

But ofc ffb is subjective so you can try them out and find what you like more.

I also have more kerb effect and road effect but you can test that aswell easily at some point.

I want to add 2 things that are more general and not specific for your settings.

  1. You can use 1% or 2% as a starting point for brake range in case that the brake loadcell is spiking so that it won’t register.

  2. I always thought that ac was kinda slippy and that the car wasn’t feeling like a car , even with the settings above. After reading a comment from Beano i changed Mcc inside Granity and set it 0.50 lower than my current Mmc . This thing right there changed the game and i recommend to anyone that has some experience with granity to give it a try.


ok Loukas
So how is the base right, is it like that?

Regarding point 1: I used to have a 2% blind spot on the brake, but I took it off.
since with DiView I have quite a blind spot.
but in any case I will give you a 2% contract manager.

Regarding point number 2, I have not understood it very well.


You can try 1% or 2% ingame brake range as a starting point and see how that works out for you.

Regarding my 2nd point i wouldn’t reccomend altering something inside granity if you are not familiar with it. But my point is that when i set my motor continuous let’s say 19.50 and my motor maximum at 20 , it changed the way assetto corsa drives. In my case it was 17 and 17.50 ,. But it is not something i would advise to someone that is new with the wheel and doesn’t know his way around with granity.



then point 2 we leave for the moment.

Unless you do a tutorial with photos.

in any case, I would like to have a fixed configuration, and just touch ffb with “+, -” on the keyboard.

Exactly what you say to me, you and I will go as far as you think.


Give those settings a test and everyone here will gladly help out.


thank you very much to all

this afternoon I will try, and I will tell you my impressions.


good guys

my first impression after putting your settings is very very good …
softer, less noise, firmer and more detailed in movements …

I have not tried much, and I forgot to activate FFclip …
in any case this is what I carry:

all right?

I had to increase the strength of 30 to 40%, because I like it a little harder.


and in this last picture, are those parameters fine?


It is nice to like it with more power. Be careful not to clip though. I would prefer to keep it lower , 25 to 28 and increase the ffb per car above 100. You may think that it will result the same thing but it doesn’t. Anyway , i hope you can be a bit more competitive now and you can always try to finetune your settings to match your liking.