Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE







Also, does dampening in AC have any effect after passing a speed of 3km/h? Will it negatively effect details while driving?


Normally only the dampening work under 3km/h. That speed can be changed in a setting file.


Thanks! Those settings do work for me! I’ll try to pinpoint what made it work :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!


I also use:




I would just like to get some additional clarification about the small vs. big MIGE comparability of settings. It was suggested that 18A (big MIGE) correspond to the 20nm produced by the small MIGE. How does that compare to the Excel spreadsheet that was shared earlier? Having 12.86A in the yellow input field “Granity MMC (amperage) Setting” translates to 20nm (small MIGE) vs. 14.37nm (large MIGE).

EDIT: If you believed the XLS, the ratio of the “Servo Torque Constants” would be 2.2/1.58=1.3924. With that, 12.00A/19nm (small MIGE) would correspond to 16.71A/19nm (big MIGE) and 12.86A/20nm would correspond to 17.91A/20nm. Do I do the math correctly?

Also, what does the “iRacing Force Strength Slider Setting” do and how does that help when looking at AC? Also, what does “Specific Output Ratio ( .xxx:1 )” do and is this a calculation variable or does it need to be set somewhere in the config?



Assuming my calculations above were correct, I now have set this for my large MIGE in Granity (red values changed only):

Aim is to make @LAR555’s settings feel as similar as possible to the small MIGE he tested them on. Does this make sense?


press measure resistance and inductance (don;t touch the wheel) -> apply and save . Dunno if it have the same feel , since you will have to find the similar setting in game for gain .

i would also use mpp setting according to my psu , but that’s my way. Also since you have the large mige mms should be put to 1500.


Thanks a lot! I double checked with the file “Large MiGE SinCos 480-720W.drc” I received with the Simucube. The file had MMS set to 1500. So, it seems this DRC was never ever actually applied to my Simucube. I loaded it now and repeated the change to MMC afterwards again.

Only MPP was not set in the file. I have a “Mean Well 480W/720W peak (Noiseless)”, so I have set it to 720W. Still there were quite some different values measured for resistance & inductance (comparing to both in the file and in the factory setting)! Never knew this measurement was necessary.

Are there any other settings to be double checked from the other Granity tabs?


Just check that FOC is at max but i doubt it isn’t.

You could still use MCC closer to MMC but you can test both if you want, make sure you Measure resistance and inductance when you change something. You could also test it with the values that you had before , i mean 2,333 and 5,086 to see if you feel anything different.


Has anyone played around with Maximum_Frame_Latency inside of graphics.ini?
I ran across it through the AC forums and according to some setting this to 1 improves FFB.
I gave it a shot and don’t know if it’s just placebo or not but it felt tighter with it set to 1.
Has anyone else tried this?


I have followed the thread a lot.
I have tried configurations what you have shared here.

but nothing solve my problem, which I expose:

Has anyone felt that OSW is slower in Assetto Corsa?

I have the latest Simucube model, from Augury.

Can the program slow me down in any way?
with T300 I was always up in the times, with fanatec v2 I was always up in the times … but with OSW it’s like something is weighing me down …

Does anyone know what can be due?

I’ve been crazy for a long time …
but I do not give with the key.

I’m training for a long nürburgring cup race.

and today without realizing it I began to shoot without opening the Simucube program, I lowered more than 4 seconds to my time … which makes me doubt and increase my suspicions about the OSW in Assetto Corsa.

Does this make any sense?

Thank you very much in advance!


Is the profile in Simucube that you usually select for Assetto Corsa different from the profile you have set as your default?


Uploading: Screenshot_20190218_105719.jpg…

the one that came by default of house

the one I use regularly in Assetto Corsa


those look the same , are you sure you uploaded the correct picture ?


Ok, sorry!
It is done


Try steering range 1180 in AC and SimuCube. Max current should be 12,86A if u have small Mige.


I have this one: kit Augury 30Nm, encoder BISS-C (4.2M CPR).

I already tried 1180, so I’m taking it right now.
but I do not notice anything special.

Can it be that in Assetto Corsa, it runs slower with OSW?

is that I do not know what to think…
in the championship, nobody who is up in the times leads OSW.

Can it be that OSW is not working 100% on Assetto Corsa?


The feel of AC FFB on a DD wheel is quite different from other sims like rF2 and AMS. It usually takes driving AC exclusively for a little while to get immersed in its feel, whereas I can bounce between rF2 and AMS quite easily.

I’m not engineer, but it’s hard to imagine that AC’s FFB in combination with the Simucube would actually slow down motion or alter the speed of the physics engine in some way. How has the transition in other sims from the T300 to the Simucube been? I know when I went from T500 to DD, I was slower from a while, because the strength and detail were a bit overwhelming, and I mistakenly believed lots of power was better. Trying to man-handle the car all over the track did indeed make me slower for a while. Over time, reducing strength settings and the simple benefit of time behind the wheel got me over the hump.

My experience mirrors a lot of others’ I’ve read on the forums . . . in that, my nifty DD system hasn’t really made me a faster driver (HE pedals did . . . but not the wheel). What the DD system did do is provide significantly more consistency and confidence in turn-in, side-by-side driving, spin recovery, and repeat-ability of lap times.

Hang in there. I bet you’ll be getting back to personal bests.


The first thing is that i did the same “mistake” and i thought that big mige , beacause it’s big , it must be better than the 20nM mige. Anyway , osw simucube with big mige works 100% with Assetto Corsa. And ofc there are many ppl who lead the time with osw. Your settings are wrong. I could help you with those since we use the same servo but i use different psu so the settings are not exact. But i could help you fine tune them atleast. Pm if you want or i could answer here but it is going to fill the topic.