Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE



I’ve been playing with it off and on today, too, Beano. You’re spot on, it feels natural, and strangely seems to let more detail through than the intermediate filter settings.

I also did some experimentation with 15 amp vs 25 amp on my large Mige and AC. Here is an objective observation of a result; but I’m curious as to the cause. At 15 amp strength and 60 % in-game gain, with 100 % DI dampening, no other filters in Simucube (other than Recon)—and in AC–Dampening gain at 1.0, min damp 0.15, I get minimal oscillation while stationary. At 25 amp strength and 36 % in-game gain, everything else the same—I get violent oscillation while stationary.

One would think the overall output at 25amp/36% in game would be roughly the same as 15amp/60% in game. However, at least while stationary, AC is bypassing its own overall gain setting and using the Simucube strength.

Question: Is this also true of the dampening generated by AC while driving? Is it not subject to the in-game gain setting?


Sorry for the noob questions:

  1. Where exactly would I find the Recon Filter setting?

  2. I am running a large MIGE. The “Actual max current” is 12.00 A @ 100% in the “Profiles” tab. How do I get to set any larger Amps than that?



Recon filter is in simucube. Bottom part of the settings page. First setting.
For the amps you have to change that in Granite. Then it will show up in simucube.


Also tested RF 8, I think its an improvement. Dampens everything a bit to more subtal levels. Curious what LAR555 thinks of it.


I try lot setting i have Augury kit 30NM with biss-c 20A at 100% simcube, 30% ingame with CFG modification.

I find the steering wheel still too hard (i try mito, abarth) only when I decrease the ffb cars I lose a lot of info I can not find something conclusive someone could share his setting or I need to change my diet by lowering amperage to align me with what you have to find?



I think LAR555 settings with Reconstruction filter 8 feels great. On a small mige though.


Hi am using filter=1 with lenze and i feel no spikes in assetto. It is smooth and feels good. I think that the ideal setting is defferent servo by servo


For me the RF is quiet linear in the feel from 1 to 8. The more I increase RF, the more the rubber feels soft, especially on kerbs. I would say that 1 feets very well the race cars (stiff) and 8 the production cars (soft).


My reference is the Porsche 911 2017 RSR, on RF1 the tyrewear results in a too bumpy feeling after a few laps, also for these types of cars I prefer RF8. More subtle and feels a but more realistic to me, but I don’t drive one in real life so would like some thoughts of someone who does.


For me this was the salvation of AC with my DD :grin: I use a lot AC since the early acess and like you said “AC has gone from an irritating…” to a pleasent experience again after 1 year with DD. Thanks a lot for sharing, at least one you salved manashttu :sunglasses:


Thank you manashttu and Cyril.

It’s been a long time since my FFB has felt like this, I followed LAR555’s tips and so on, but somewhere along the line I lost this magical feel of the drifting line. With these settings I can feel it again, perhaps because even if I had gyro enabled it didn’t do anything with dampening off.
Steering is very heavy when parked, but that’s a trade off I’m willing to make.
it’s also heavier on some cars, especially on the e30 that was extremely light before is now quite a bit heavy on the same settings. It also feel/seem smoother when rotating, not as erratic or maybe it’s slower, unless that’s a placebo.


Hello, long time no see :slight_smile:

Been very busy with business but I have made some nice changes to AC feedback with the latest simucube version :slight_smile:

First, recon 8 for me is just a killer of tire understeer information and I cannot be racing If I cannot feel the tire.

I have moved recon filter from 1 to 2 and balanced weight of the wheel with some dampening and friction.

System/CFG min damping set to 0.15 since 0.2 was a bit to heavy :slight_smile: You can all experiment with this.

FF_post_process changed gamma from 1 to 0.5. Feels nicer and wheel seems to be tighter.

As always if you have any urgent questions hit me on Facebook - LAR555


Thanks for the update. Please excuse my ignorance, but, I still don’t understand the gamma settings.
You indicate that “gamma enable” is set to 0. I would think that gamma is NOT enabled. Yet you have the gamma value set to 0.50. I am very confused…lol. Any advise or education would be appreciated.


Im not able to give you straight and simple answer because I dont know how it works myself… I’ve just spent thousands of hours on osw with AC and tried changing everything :slight_smile:


LOL…thanks for your honest answer…


Hey @LAR555, do you know why you have to set 0.3 of friction in IONI? Or you just put it and felt ok and you don’t know why?

I see in your CFG file, Damper Gain is set to 0 instead default 1, did the test with 1? If yes what changed? Gamma of 0.88 felt good to me but beyond that changed the cars characteristic too much to me. I can give it a try to see how if feels to me tho.

What are your ingame settings (gain, filter, road, slip, etc)?

@dpj463 he mentions 2 different parameters that does different things.
Gamma is a Post_Process FF and it makes your wheel has a tighter center, you can even feel more of the road surface if you decrese the number from 1.0 to 0.88 or even lower.

The other Gain parameter is regarding to Gyro function if I’m not mistaken and adds weight to the wheel and seems to bring you some more oversteer cues too. I just don’t know if Min Damping has to do with Damping Gain, if they have to do with eachother then there’s no reason for use 0.15 of min damping but if they are not related, then I will have to test Damper Gain at 0 and see how it feels.


Gamma is nothing more then a linearity setting. 0 is linear,


Having a blast with the latest settings! One question remains for me though: is there any way to get a heavy wheel feeling when standing still? I’ve searched, but couldn’t find anything conclusive, I’ve tried raising ‘DirectInput Effects -> Dampening’ but nothing happens, I’ve tried raising ‘Experimental -> Damper Gain’ in AC CM to 100%… Is it true that AC Dampening only works until 3km/h? I still don’t understand how all this works and how to get wheel friction when standing still… Any help appreciated!


That made it work for me.


Great! What are your settings in CM for Damper Gain? Minimum Damper Level? Gamma?