Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE



ok tried it with Off and it makes no difference. Steering lock is applied per car with physical wheel matching rotation on screen. I’m guessing the option it for wheels with limited rotation axis.


@LAR555: your updated settings feel fantasic. Still running Simucube version 10.4. I do put the car specific force feedback at 100%, do you apply this also?


Trying AC again after what must be a few years.

Would most appreciate anyone with Simucube and Lenze sharing good ffb settings, thanks very much!


Yes, I try to leave all cars at 100%


I set the wheel power and AC FFB-gain to fit my preference using the car(s) I drive the most in AC to give a baseline force-level setting. From that point, I can make force-level adjustments on the fly in AC; road cars will likely be increased, some high-downforce cars may be decreased a bit but, usually - it only requires per-car adjustments of 5% or so. Those changes are retained per-car so it only needs to be done once unless you make changes on a more Global scale.


Thanks for reply. Are you running Lenze, and if so, any simucube/in-game ffb screenshots would be welcomed


Hey I’m a bit confused about something. I have a large Mige with an Ioni pro HC. I have the max amps set to 25. should i drop it down to 18? I’m using lar55’s settings and with the in car ffb at 100% the wheel is unrealistically heavy. Thanks


You can reduce the FF-Gain setting in AC to compensate. For example, I use about 35% with the small Mige. The advantage of using this approach is that you can avoid soft-clipping that can occur with 100% FFB-gain.


I have the same ~35% in game force on gain settings.


I’m sorry, I’m using the Small Mige. AC generally requires minimal recon-filter when using the “Gyro” feature; I have it set to Recon 1. The other settings are really personal preference imo but, start with things like Tire-slip, Rumble-strips and Road Detail turned to zero and then increase one at a time until you find your preferred setting for each one.


I have the gain set to 38% in the advanced menu before actual starting the sim.

The setting i’m unsure of is the FFB setting you access once you are driving in the car. That one should also be set to 38%?

I appreciate the help


no that’s the car specific ffb, set it to ~100%


Thanks for clearing that up. So with the above settings (lar555 38% gain and 100% FFB) the wheel is insanely heavy, could the amperage rating cause that much of a difference, or is it supposed to be that way?


On my large Mige, I set it at 18amps, which produces 20nm, as opposed to the max 25, which produces 30nm. This makes the settings comparable to a small Mige, which is what LAR555 uses to tweak his settings. that 7 amps does make quite a bit of difference in power output of the wheel. I guess the AC gain could be lowered to compensate for 25amp Simucube output—but I figure it’s six vs half a dozen.

Even putting quite a few per car settings all the way down to 75 or 80 percent, LAR555’s settings still offer up a pretty heavy wheel. But I like the settings.


@Lar555 so i see the consensus is that the wheel (in the sim) is supposed to be heavy. My question is, in your experience driving a real race car, is the steering actually that heavy(in a real race car) or is the heaviness (in the sim) just a byproduct of the settings required to get accurate and useful feedback. I hope that makes sense.


Depends on the race car!

A GT3 car and a Formula 1 car have power steering so the steering weight should be similar to a high performance sports car.

I don’t think the consensus is that the wheel is “supposed to be heavy”. That’s subjective, and what’s heavy to a 240lb 6’4" man is different to a 5’5" 150lb man.

I’ve driven a couple of Porsche GT3 road cars at track events over the years, a Gallardo and a 488GTB (birthday gifts - 2 hours in an exotic on the twisty mountains here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains) - the 488 surprisingly light. I’d say every single one of these cars, including my current track setup Cayman has lighter steering than what I have my SimuCUBE.

With the SimuCUBE, I always try to find a ‘feel’ that is informative and ‘lively’, and to achieve that I find that I need to use perhaps more strength than my actual real car. For me, more ‘weight’ and ‘rock and roll’ of hitting rumble strips is immersive, even if it’s a little strong. I race 100% VR, I can’t go back to ‘flat’ land even with triples - I can’t gauge corner entry and a feel for what the car is doing like I can in VR. That’s of course a personal preference.

It’s a balancing act, one that ultimately is something you have to play with to find what feels good for YOU.
We all trick our minds with this technology, and all our minds are different in certain respects.
Adjusting in car FFB (the value you can change from the car when you are sitting in the pits and bring up the OSD FFB widget from the pop-up menu at the right of the screen) by just a few percent can make a big difference, play around with things to find a feel that works for you.
Some guys on here like kerb and road effects. I do not (especially kerb) like the AC effects.

Maybe add a little damping in the SimuCUBE direct filters like LAR555 has recently done.

Don’t be scared to test things out. Unlike the old days of MMOs and all the complex settings in Granity, SimuCUBE is more or less risk free in terms of trying out different things.

Hope this was helpful.

I’m sure LAR555 will have some feedback for you also, but I suspect similar to this.


All the cars I’ve tried aren’t as heavy as our OSW systems or in fact so fast…
By making it heavier it helps to understand the G’s, the weight of the car in the corners and to reach the limits of driving.


A very good post by GlobeSpy.

People get to hung-up about what ‘the other’ guy us using. Setup ypur wheel the way YOU like it. I am one of those bigger guys that like high forces, but that’s how I prefer it. It will most likely not be what most here would prefer.

So do what’s best for you :slight_smile: Most important is to have fun, whilst having a very immersive experience.



Thanks Globe Spy that’s a great perspective. What i meant by “supposed to be heavy” is that those specific settings did in fact produce a heavy wheel. I was trying to make sure there wasn’t something wrong with my setup. I am also trying to understand the philosophy behind these popular setups. Lar555 you really cleared that up for me thanks for replying and consistently posting up your settings.


You are welcome!

Have fun - that’s the most important part!
SimuCUBE is amazing as you can tweak things on the fly and feel the immediate difference.