Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE



I fully agree, start from an established baseline and tweak to suit one’s taste, and that goes for any Sim but, there are cases where some of us have been tweaking FFB for years and then, we try someone’s setup and realizes it works really well.

The question of sliders for those effects in AC, while not common, are not that different from SimCommander having sliders for effects coming from telemetry. PC2 does it differently but, applying variability to any effect should be possible. No FFB effects are truly real; there’s only one reality. I’m less concerned about how they are created and more about how they actually work in the end but, agree that those based on reality are always preferred where practical in Simulation.

Most tracks in AC are LS but, even those without can have a surface mesh to provide detail, albeit - less accurate perhaps. Accuracy in tracks is nice to have, especially when used for training purposes but, I don’t see it as being required for them to be enjoyable either.


Great point. Thanks morOSWer


I find using just a little (7 to 15 %) of the slip, road, and ABS effects sliders adds subtle communication about what the car is doing, and adds some texture to what is an otherwise rather spring-like FFB in AC. Whether they are “canned” or otherwise, they are directly related to what the car is doing. Slip, for example, only kicks in when the car is actually slipping; and ABS only kicks in when ABS is on and the brakes are aggressively applied. In a sense, if Kunos had incorporated these effects without sliders, there probably wouldn’t be discussion about whether they are canned (except maybe the curbs); it would be presumed the sensations through the wheel were from the physics engine.

I think it nice that we have some measure of control over the intensity of these, considering the wide range of hardware folks are using. There is always a balance to be struck in FFB on our pretend racing rigs, between 1) pure realism, and 2) letting our equipment communicate to us what the virtual car is doing in a setting in which the infinite sources of feedback in the real world are distilled into a few (FFB, visual, audio).


Not agree, i think that a base setup of simucube for a simulator should give to an average user the feeling on the wheel that developers did desing.

Of course, expert users can deactivate It later, according with their own preferences.

My two cents anyway…:grinning:


I agree totally with you!
The question is, do you think those settings were geared towards OSW/Simucube owners, or perhaps the mass market of consumer level wheels with small motors driving pulleys and belts?

I’ve always said that the thing I hated most about the OSW when I first built it in 2017 was that it was very unflattering to FFB that previously felt good on my Thrustmaster TX/Fanatec CSW.

The only exceptions to this are iRacing and maybe rF2 where the FFB is really good


well,most of the simulators we have now were created before the OSW so i guess they did them thinking on those mass market of consumer level wheels you said.

some developers did adapt the game engine for the OSW , some did preset files for it, some gave us at least some instructions. some others did not do anything.

for me, effects are not “canned” when they help you to feel and understand what the car is doing, when the main signal coming from the tires, suspension or the direction rack is not enough.

some of rF1 ,AMS and Racerrom effects like , braking , motor , or gearshift rumble are totaly unnecesary , for me they are like fantasy add ons to make some kind of hyperrealism atmosphere , they do not help you to feel or understand what the car is doing, and i dont like them.

i like them on Simvibe , taken from the telemetry anyway.

but i do like them on AC as they let you feel more real feedback from the car and track , if kunos have just hide them on the game engine and not show it on the user interface you will enjoy them , believe me. :grin:

and on the other side, who did tell the people that the road noise and FFB over the rubber marbles on AMS are not made using “canned” effects… there are a lot of things writen on text files like bumps or 2D curbs and you feel it on the FFB.

same with Raceroom and rF2.

anyway, sometimes i get competely lost about what is realist and what is not.

i started in this business with a Logitech dual force GT , and then a G25 , later a Trustmaster T300 and finally the OSW.

and on every jump i tried to make the changes on the sims in orfer to get a familiar feeling, in fact i did all changes on Rf2 files in order to get the OSW working exactly like my T300 but better,

and i think that we are not learning to drive racing cars , we are learning to drive racing cars inside a simulator.

i think that almost always that one friend, of someone of my family tried my driving rig, they can not drive the car until they “learn” to do it.
and the first corners are a total chaos,

i also think that if a developer could put on our wheels the real force and reactions of the real steering wheel of a real car we could thing that is a big shit, with dead and non comucative ffb.

so, for me nothing is canned, is just hepful or not.


Not everyone has motion rig so they had to implement ways for everyone to understand oversteer underster etc through the wheel. Ofc you have to play the game for some time to adapt. For me the one flaw of the game that most new people (for everyone i have to say not only new) are experiencing is the non awareness of speed . You are speeding with 200 and it feels like you are cruising around. So it is only natural that they will overspeed the corners for that chaos that you mentioned.


All very valid points gents but, I would say that there can be benefits that come from Sim-racing that are applicable in real-world driving; much of it is related to the mental aspect and increased understanding of the physical event that take place when driving at, near or over the limit, but they are real enough to learn from.

I agree that we rely on FFB far more in Sim-racing but, that’s part of what makes it more enjoyable and immersive, then there’s also the practical aspect for competition and consistency. We are very fortunate to have access to these wonderful steering systems and so much more.


I’m not really sure what else would be useful, I just know automatic steering range would be huge, and after playing with it I can only confirm.

He’s just released the update.
Simply update content manager, enable Hardware lock under the FFB controls tab. I don’t think you even need to change steering in both AC+CM, however I changed both to 1180 because why not with it being automatic.


It will be interesting to see how much a certain newcomer to direct drive market will have to mess with ffb out of game, as they claim plug and play compatibility with all existing titles.


Very exciting. Will test it out tonight. Thank you, emiljensen2.


IT WORKS!! Content Manager’s “Hardware lock” works on the Simucube. Just set Simucube to 1180, and set the Control/Axis to 1180 in Content Manager—and pick a car. Once in game, the steering rotation locks uniquely per car, and it is all in sync with a nice, normal bump stop. Now . . . One AC setting in Simucube and one controller setting in Content Manager.

Before, I had over a half dozen profiles for various steering lock ranges in Simucube, and a similar number within Content Manager.

Now . . . we just need the CM developer to fall in love with AMS and rF2. Would be fantastic to have Content Manager for those sims.

Genius. THANK YOU!


haha, well. The steering lock api we used was actually originally intended for rF2 devs to use, it seems they’ve not played ball with that though. Unfortunate as it didn’t take much work for x4fab to make it work here.


Hi Guys

With the OSW and AC, do we need to go through the following procedure before we start fine tuning our Simucube settings?

Are apps like the FFBClip app and the LUT generator required?




Those apps were meant for use with the mainstream wheels where maximum game-FFB output is needed and to make the FFB more linear. DD-wheels are by nature, very linear so the LUT is not needed and the extra torque means we can scale down the FFB forces in-game thereby greatly reducing the chances of clipping occurring from the software.

To avoid soft-clipping, run with high output in SimuCube and set the FFB Gain in AC to something below 50% or so (I use 38%). You still have easy access to adjust the FFB-force levels on a per-car basis in AC.

I do recommend enabling the “Gyro” feature in AC as it offers excellent steering stability and avoids oscillation.
Navigate to: SteamLibrary / SteamApps / common / assettocorsa / system / cfg

Using notepad, open: assetto_corsa.ini


Change to this:

Save the ini file, start AC and enjoy! :slight_smile:


Cheers morOSWer…!!

I have my OSW set up with LAR555’s latest settings in this thread but don’t seem to have the fine detail in the wheel that I’ve heard others report (ie. “you can feel running over painted lines” or “every pebble”)

I just don’t get that feeling. I saw this and started playing around with things but seem to have gotten myself lost, hence I’m starting back from scratch.

The thing is, I tried iRacing for a few months and was instantly impressed with the ‘off the shelf’ feel and want the same with AC (but without the on-going cost of iRacing).

Running a small mige with SinCos encoder and Meanwell SDR-480 power supply and Ioni HC Pro.


Follow the advice of @morOSWer above and go back to your @LAR555 settings. Then experiment with the kerb and road effects in AC to see if this gives you any of the feelings you are missing.

Try this:

(a) With kerb effects at zero, drive an AC car over the grill that runs along the the pit lane at Imola. Can you feel it? Now change kerb effects to say 40% and do it again. Can you now feel the grill?

(b) Drive the Lotus 25 or Lotus 49 around Brands Hatch, which is a laser scanned track.


that is exactly what i mean when i say that there are tons of 2D objects looking as 3D , using tessellation or other tecniques, and those effects are designed to make you feel those objects…curbs , bumps…etc.
call them “canned” if you want.

more or less used in AC depending of the track, but RF, RF2 AMS and Raceroom are full of them., but those sims do not have a slider to edit gain or turn them off, you have to edit text files


Hi there. I haven’t experimented with it myself but, I wonder if a small reduction in the Damper Min Level has any affect or if it is simply an on/off switch. Otherwise, you can try turning off the Recon filter and making some adjustments using the Dampening or maybe, increasing the Friction slightly.

I’ve not had great results with iRacing FFB but, I don’t maintain a constant subscription so have only played it occasionally but, I also think we tend to get used to a certain titles FFB and make that our Gold Standard. Most titles are going to vary quite a bit in FFB and handling so it takes some time to acclimate.

I play AMS / AC / rF2 mostly and at first, switching between titles was challenging but, over time, I found myself becoming more comfortable with all three. Now, I’m able to jump into any of them and just drive without any drama and I feel it has made me better at adapting to a much broader range of content and conditions as a side benefit.

I think these are just some things to consider when transitioning between titles because we can adapt quite well if we are willing to put in some time.


Can confirm it absolutely works!
Terrific job on this - this was a pain and a reason I rarely played AC.

It’s the little things sometimes that just turn you off a title.

The only thing that I probably need to do now is add more power back to my bumpstops as the wheel just moves past them with ease. I’m guessing this was part of how you guys provided this solution.

@Mika this raises a suggestion for the Simucube. Bumpstops are an important part of each SIM and having one global setting is an area for improvement.
I’m sure there’s a way to have the option in each profile to just use default bumpstops (global setting) or create a custom option per profile.

I race more in iRacing so my bumpstops are setup for that primarily, but they are far too soft for AC and we could do with this feature please :slight_smile: