Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE



Not entirely accurate.
While initially there will be no official modding support (i.e. tools, help from devs, etc.) modding is still welcome and most likely get official support later.
My bet we will have first mods way before AC goes out of EA.

And UE4 is for graphics only, physics engine is good old AC with some tweaks.


You can always experiment and try it but my opinion is to let it enabled=0 in the ini


Nobody was willing to edit that post of mine to include all the necessary tweaks?


Nicki Thiim had a run on ACC and he said is GOOOD :slight_smile: in this BETA version , i trust him !


I got in contact with the creator of CM, and found the auto steering lock demo for rfactor on github.
We managed to make the hardware auto steering lock work with OSW, so I can now happily use simucube’s bumpstop with all cars without having to adjust.

he’ll release it tomorrow if it works fine.


Wow. That would be amazing. Thank you for taking the initiative on that, Emiljenson2


Very interesting! Please let me know if other similar settings via the API would be useful.


I will do It tomorrow.

But what do you mean with mods to AC files…

You mean how to install a car or track mod in Assetto?


AC ini file settings etc.


i edited the post according to all my files and settings, but there are a lot of taste and opinions about FFB settings on this Sim.
i tried a lot of them and those are the best in my opinion




If one wanted to adjust force feedback level, would you prefer/recommend setting AC force to 100% and then scale with the SimuCUBE slider, or as it is now?


i think is better to adjust gain ingame in the UI.

you will avoid soft clipping doing that.

apart of that you can adjust FFB gain for each car too.


Hi Mika

I think this is generally the same for everone:

100% for each car (when you are sitting in the car you can bring up car FFB from the right hand side) - this can be adjusted individually per car
38% overall FFB for AC
100% Simucube slider.

Whoops - sorry Gonzas. Think we just said the same thing


Also, ‘most’ don’t use any of the in-game effects as they are canned and at least for me they feel very unrealistic. Road effects just give a more or less constant ‘vibration’ when the wheel is straight and kerbs are way over the top. I would not recommend these as master settings, they are individual as Gonzas said.
Also, brake gamma is going to be different dependent on the pedals you have. Load cell should be set to 1.0, with potentiometer pedals anywhere from 1.60-1.80

Regarding the steering wheel degrees, if ‘Emiljenson2’ can indeed find us a way to get the hard lock feature in CM to work, then that would truly be amazing if it’s controlled by whatever bumpstop values are set in Simucube. The current ACC ini soft lock is unusable.


the the wheel range will be commanded by the CM to SimuCUBE, although SimuCUBE will overwrite it on any profile setting change.

In 0.11, there will be a small indicator to note if the game-settable angle is in use or not.


Here’s AC CM settings for me:


Well, the CM has to be set to whatever ‘AC Degrees profile’ you use.
So when I drive a car with 360° wheel radius, I chand this value in AC/CM and then change the profile in Simucube.
Until we have a hard/soft lock feature in game in AC/CM this is required to have the virtual wheel line up with the real wheel. Especially important for VR users.

Will this ‘indicator’ you mentioned be able to extrapolate what in game (AC/CM) degrees is set to? That would be really useful. Even better if Simucube was able to interact with in game so that you don’t have to set both to ensure they are the same!


Stefano explained some time ago that the AC FFB-effects are not canned but, are derived from the car suspension - except for the Tire-Slip; that effect is triggered by tire-slip events, the others are multiplying effects derived from the car suspension.

I would agree that the Road Detail Effect is not very effective in AC as it tends to be harsh and spikey at times and more-so with certain cars. I think the Road-detail in AMS and rF2 are far more effective.


If it’s derived from the real car physics/real scanned road data, then why would it need a slider?
If they model the cars using data, telemetry from real cars like iRacing does, and they have laser scanned tracks, then shouldn’t the simulated physics do this naturally?
Since AC only has a small handful of laser scanned tracks, on all other non-scanned tracks these are fake effects.

Kerb effects are absolutely canned. I have taken the time to driver very slowly over rumble strips with the kerb effects in use and they all feel exactly the same, even when it’s obvious (especially in VR) that they are different heights etc. Try the same in iRacing (even with it’s 60hz FFB resolution) and you will see very big differences.

If you need a slider to manipulate even real physics/laser scanning then it’s not real IMHO regardless of what Stefano says. But I’m no developer. I just know how things feel and when things are clearly ‘off’.


Kunos (the developer) says the effects are not canned. Others say they are. Does it really matter who is correct?

They are there for personal taste, like salt in a meal or sugar in coffee. There is no wrong or right.

I use some of them and like them. Others prefer not to use them. Both is good.


Your experience is exactly that.

I still think the best advice for DD wheels in AC is to start with them off and then play around with them, rather than have one person’s personal taste as the baseline.
Some like sugar and other’s not so much :slight_smile: