After MMos to Simcube getting an error

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Before writing this post I reviewed the others that were in the community

The problem is that last Saturday I went from MMos to Simcube but it did not work for me.

The message that I receive is the following: could not connect to Ioni, reconnecting.

I’ve had a post that talked about updating the IONI firmware with the Granity application, as I have done with version 1.7.7

But when I start again, I still get the error

Could you help me solve the problem?

Thank you very much in advance

Unfortunately, there are only two things that could explain this:

  • You have Bus Address Offset in IONI (Granity) settings other than 0.
  • you do not have a Simucube, and thus there is no way for the firmware to connect to IONI drive.

Can you describe the build you have? Is it pre-made or DIY?

Hello Mika

thanks for your quick response

It’s a pre-made system: SimRacingBay
Model: OSW IoniProHC & Ionicube 20nm 480w

Sorry attach do you have an screenshot

the second screenshot from Granity

IONICUBE based systems are not compatible with the Simucube firmware; you will have to manually put the system back to DFU mode using the dip switches, and flash MMOS firmware back.

If this is an Ionicube base system he will have to reflash the discovery board.

To do this you need to plug a USB cable into the other port on the discovery board.

I would suggest reaching out to the original builder. Be very careful not to knock any of the little wires off on the discovery board as their location is critical.

Ah, indeed, there are no dip switches on Discovery board, but a separate usb connector with integrated programming interface.

Mika you are lucky you missed those fun days! :slight_smile:

Trying to help someone troubleshoot the Ionicube1x board builds was much more challenging. Especially if it was a DIY build by someine with very little mechanical and electrical knowledge.


Follow steps from here but don’t do the first step with the drc.


I working with your procedure and the OSW come back to life… :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

I want to thank everyone for your help in solve my issue.