A rethink is in order, apologies for the dramas. /Beano

There comes a time in our lives when you realize that you no longer add value to a community like you used to. That time for me has sadly arrived here on GD forums. We often do take a lot of our own time to try and help and troubleshoot technical issues, simply because of our love and passion for this hobby.

When that is no longer appreciated and valued, or even ridiculed, the fun disappears.

I would like to say thank you to my old friends for good discussions and sharing of ideas, I had always enjoyed reading through the posts here and doing best to give ideas and basic support when possible. In turn, I have learned a lot too.

I will miss this place, but it is time to move on. Wishing you guys the best, have a good one.



Dont leave because of a few. Other than a few from the early OSW days on here there arent many that know as much as you guys do. Thats obvious to the ones that have been here for a while. It would be a shame to lose someone like yourself on here.


This, paying attention to some clueless asshat clown invading every possible discussion and especially taking offence from his comments is not worth it really, I bet most people here have him on ignore list already.


Having been in the same situation I do understand your feelings.

Nevertheless I do sincerely wish to read from you again as your posts were always interesting and informative.


Dear Beano

I have always had the most respect for you and how you been working to make our hobby so much better, I really hope you will reconsider, as a few should not “win” for being ass***** you Sir ar so much bigger that them.

No matter what you decide remember that we are a lot of people that are on your side, and always will be grateful for your big influence, especially regarding DD wheel.

Best regards


I’ve been reading this forum since I bought my SC2 pro, 3 years now, and I’m very happy to read your messages which help the simucube community. You can’t imagine how gratifying and reassuring your messages are for the community, which isn’t really the case with the competition.

I hope, as my friends have written, that you will reconsider your decision. Perhaps you were in the wrong light and the message(s) in question were badly perceived.


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History goes way back to OSW era, here’s the sneak peek of what Beano’s contribution and influence was on the DD development.


Morning guys,
Would just like to say thank you for your messages of support, thee always was a great bunch of guys on this forum which I learned a lot from as well.

I know the DD wheel basics quite well, and I know iRacing - but if I need any settings for other sims, you guys are the specialists, and this is what made this place great.

I was just sad to see two guys in another thread could take my comments so out of context, and perceive them in a ‘tone’ that I was not even aware of. I’m just direct and try my best to keep settings-related feedback basic and simple and short, so as not to confuse myself or others.

I mean, with these dd wheels, you give a behaviour, and it is quite simple usually to get narrow the potentials down, How those comments could have filed 2 people up like that, not sure :thinking:

Anyway, I discussed with Mika also last night, and I will for sure look in and see what you guys get up to, and support with known things where I can.There are to many good guys here to allow one or two bad experiences ruin it for us all

Sorry about all the drama, but I was in a pretty dark space yesterday. Your support and kind words helped a lot.


Nobody complaint about you, nobody flagged a post from you. What I did was:

I asked you a lot of questions, but they always related to the subject matter and the information you provided.

I was simply trying to help the OP. Since I invited him into the community, I felt somehow a bit responsible for it.

I didn’t have the same opinion as you, but I also explained my point of view.

When reading your posts, I just found that you probably just skimmed over some things and maybe didn’t read others at all.

After your first post I replied to you

While you some posts later wrote

Nobody took your comments out of context, nobody complaint about you. I had a different opinion.

After all:

My guess is that it was the slew rate limitation, which he maybe set to 0.1, plus maybe that the wheel has been secured better or stronger. Again , I’m guessing, because I don’t know what exactly fixed it.

Why you leave, I don’t know, that’s your business and your decision. But don’t blame on others. I didn’t have, and still don’t have a problem with you. And I am pretty sure also OP has none. I guess he is happy he can use his DD.

If you have a problem with me that should be no reason to quit.

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Much ado about very little, tbh.

Nobody is perfect all the time.

Better move on.

I think he should delete this post. I don’t really understand why he wrote it. Maybe it was meant as some kind of joke.

You should keep reading this until it fully sinks in.
Try to reflect on your post history.

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You have been a great support for so long on here please know that it is greatly appreciated. I am just getting ready to fire my Simi 1 back up as I finally have a new profile rig and this forum is a great resource along with yourself and some of the other great people on here so a big thank you from here in the US midwest region.

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Hey Raptoid,
Thank you for the kind words, appreciated.

Good to see you around again and still going strong with your SC1, let us know how it goes using it again!

Bugger! Always been a source of help for me!.

Hi Mate,
For now, I’ll hang around. I will just ignore the comments causing hassles.

Thank you for checking in!




I have read through so many of your posts in regards to OSW and everything when i was first going down the DD route.

Ive gone down so many rabbit holes and probably will continue as I just got a Simucube SC1 and small mige and all that for $250 shipped to my door.

I have not done anything with yet aside from update the firmware, but im sure I will be scouring through your posts for differnet settings…so much to see and do with this wheel.

Instarted iRacing probably like 8 to 10 years ago with a Fanatec CSR, then CSW 1.5, then Logitech G27, then Thrustmaster TX, then t500, then csw 2.0, then ts-xw, then csl dd, then dd1, and finally sc1

Through this entire time ive always looked at your posts and wondered about building an OSW but was always i guess afraid.

After all the issues with fanatec firmware and such when i got my SC1 i sold all the fanatec gear except my formula wheel and hub because i have the srm fanatec emulator thing…anyways i look to you for inspiration to my own diy and thanks for being in the community for so long and providing exceptional help and support along the way.

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