WRC Generations Setup in game + TD SC2 Pro

As there is no WRC Generations setup in the True Drive software in the Paddock online section,
I share here my settings after a day of testing,
obviously this can be improved in the True Drive (filters,…)
You can increase the in-game vibration settings if you want but I hate when it vibrates all over the place
I play with an SC2 Pro and a WRC rally wheel (350mm), triple screens 32" and always in cockpit view.
I have already tried with WRC 10 settings but the Generations is different for the FFB so it does not work, it is too strong.
These settings are not perfect, you have to drive on all the stages for several more hours.
I hope this can help it’s my modest contribution


Fine tuning input friction doesn’t work in the title. So you can turn it to 0.

Thanks here ?

Cheers will try it. Hope true drive will input generations soon.

It’s up to users to create profiles for everyone to try, it has nothing to do with true drive.

But just use the WRC9/10 profiles that are on their already, it’s the same game

Or the best option, tune your true drive settings yourself so you can get the feeling you like

I know. I just meant to filter wrc generations. Since it’s totally different ffb settings.

I created a profile for WRC Generations because I tried the WRC9 and 10 profile with this game but it is completely different.
example in WRC9-10 profiles are 100% strength in game and in True Drive
If you do the same thing in the WRC Generations it’s too strong, I don’t turn the wheel … after everyone does what they want, I just share my settings for beginners who want to start playing quickly and then everyone will adjust according to their own feelings and habits, otherwise if we don’t share then everyone stays in their corner on their own…

I like your settings. But I reduced ingame “recenter force to 50” and in truedrive i drive with 60% ffb strength. And I got a few other ingame settings.
And Truedrive steering range 360 degrees.

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Yes. You can see if a fine tuning filters is available when a empty circle shows up. When it’s activated the cycle is filled. Under “active”

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Oh ok my bad. From my experience, which wasnt very long as I returned it because of the same underlying issues that have carried over from the last games is that it felt exactly the same as before on dry gravel in Kenya, maybe the overall FFB strength is different but the FFB feel felt no different to me

I would try to lower TD settings, or best, try the “Bakkerud” profile. 540 degrees should maybe also work better. I prefer to have a reactive wheel. By using full torque a lot then have to activate damping and friction. I really prefer to use as less filters as possible

I shared my profile under wrc 10
Made by woolfd. “Wrc generations”

We’ll add WRC Generations there tomorrow.


Funny, I have a wheel looking quite similar.

Maybe you could try (if you not already have) to turn off all filters but slew rate (I used it for the handbrake) and to use recon 1.
You maybe have to reduce torque a little bit, but I think you would feel more of the FFB, your wheel would slide much better through your hands and you could react quite faster. If I manage to setup all in the game I will try yours


OK Nice !!! I can see for example when Assetto Corsa is open the circle for Damping is available
now I can understand thanks for your help : :ok_hand:

I can see we have the same passion for the Ford Fiesta WRC steering wheel :smiley:


I added my profile/settings in TD - WRC Generations

Profile name:

What a setup!!! Amazing, like the armada is coming :checkered_flag:

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I realize this is an old thread, but a I uploaded a profile which I think works really great in WRC G. Search for “WRC G by Takodan”. It took about 8 hours across two days to fine tune.

Thanks will test tomorrow