WRC Generations Setup in game + TD SC2 Pro

I can not find this setup (Takodan) would you be kind to share your settings here or indicate TD online name, thanks.

I know, a lot of you may disagree, but:
I just drove today’s online challenge in WRC 9. It’s a very long, wet and muddy stage of Kenya rally.
On an open straight, 6th gear, you all of a sudden will loose speed, you have to shift down because of the track is getting squishy for a short while. Feels really great.
A lot of corners have a mix of this typical Kenya surface, some stones in it, a little bit of gravel sometimes (and here wet). The car will rotate easy, you can really feel that difference of the grip changes.
It’s also very well how the feedback is from water. The traction will sometimes dramatically change based on holes filled with water on one side of the track. I still consider WRC 9 as best rally title. I never had this FFB in dirt rally or RBR.