WRC 10 Simucube 2 pro

Hi. Anyone successfully set up the wheel base for WRC 10? The profile is in the game but it’s strange felling driving the cars in the game.

I made a small change to my Dirt Rally 2.0 profile (dropped sine wave to 40%) and left everything in the game at default settings. Seems to be working fine so far.

Dirt rally 2 don’t use sine wave

That may be true, but you need to lower the sine wave setting for WRC 10 or you’ll have some annoying oscillations at high speed.

I will try those settings you posted today, thanks! I found with some paddock settings I downloaded that the force feedback varies so much between stages. If it feels fine in one stage, if you head to the test area its like 2 times stronger.

If need be I’ll have different profiles for different tracks if need be, looking forward to trying these out. I’m new user to Simucube and Truedrive so there is a bit of a learning curve. Loving it so far though

Different cars, different speed, different surface… different FFB
Car setup is aswell a point. Within a rally the car setup has to be adjusted which generates again a different FFB

Hello! I would like to hear your opinion on FFB in WRC10.

I am new to simracing. Right now I am mainly enjoying rally games. Recently bought Simucube 2 pro. And I feel like reality does not meet my expectations with the WRC 10 game.

From the majority of reviews I could understand that WRC 10 has a great and informative FFB. But it totally was not the case for me.

In Dirt rally I can feel the road through force feedback. Every bump and jump is very informative. From FFB i can tell on which surface i am driving and how much grip do i have.

In WRC10 from FFB I can barely tell the difference between tarmac, gravel and snow. I don’t feel any road bumps with my wheel. Overall feel of the wheel is very light, it just does not feel right.

I tried to use default game settings as mclaren777 suggested. Also I tried to raise and lower different FFB in game settings, but no matter what i do i just could not get it to feel right. I would like to understand where the problem is: my expectations, WRC10 and simucube compatibility, configuration/drivers?

In WRC, I find I have to manual select the Simucube profile in the control options. It seems to constantly default to Keyboard. When I forget, it feels very similar to what you’re describing.

Maybe check there?

Thanks for your response.

I understand what you are talking about. I specially select the Simucube profile on game start.

Btw can you change the maximum wheel angle in control settings? For me this setting is disabled what makes me think there may be something wrong with the game not correctly detecting my Simucube as a wheel.

I don’t have access to it at the moment, but there were also other occasions where the Simucube profile was greyed out. I had to make a new Simucube profile in order to assign controls. This shows up as Simucube(1).

That’s the only other thing I can think of at the moment to check.

Wheel angle is set in TD. In WRC 10, and also 9, there are keyboard, Simucube 2 and maybe controller. Take the Simucube 2 profile and execute “new profile”. Choose the new one marked with *. There you can address pedals, wipers, lights, steering, axis and all you have. Sequential shifter, handbrake… everything. You can do the same with controller. After you made a new profile for it, choose the one with * and delete it. Both are gone after. TD, do a profile with 540 or 380, recon 1, rest off to or untouched. Torque from 35 to to max 40 with the sport. Depending on the wheel you have use static force reduction

Could you share your Dirt rally settings? Both in game and TD If you don’t mind. And you don’t talk about 2.0, do you. Because 2.0 has a very bad FFB. Thanks in advance

Thanks for your detailed description.

I was doing as you described, the only doubt was about max wheel rotation angle. My main complaint is road surface representation in this game, I just could not believe that someone could describe it as great and informative feedback. I tried different ffb settings, the only way to get some road texture feel, was to crank up overall FFB strength, which resulted in some nasty spikes in other FFB areas. And even when I got some road feel it was more like static noise, less on tarmac and more on gravel, no noticeable feel of bumps or other road properties.

It seems I just have to accept that dirt and wrc are totally different games and FFB is a matter of subjective preference.

I will share my FFB settings for the dirt rally when I get to my rig. But you will probably not see anything interesting there, for me some random online profile was good enough. After extensive use I felt an urge to play with a few settings to adjust it a little bit more to my personal likings. But basically it worked for me out of the box and I was getting FFB according to my expectations.

To be precise the good FFB I have in WRC9. WRC 10 is the FFB still better for me than dirt rally 2.0 but I didn’t buy the game because of the poor sound and gruesome graphics. I had an original (just not online) version to test. FFB is heavily depending on the wheel you use. I have the luck to own a dedicated rally wheel based on a Motamec, which are genuine car wheels. The feedback in WRC9 is truly amazing

Don’t be shy :joy: I’m sure I can learn something!! Just make sure you share both: in-game and TD!! Thanks a lot!!

For WRC 9 and 10:
35 to 40 percent of sport torque
380 or 540
Recon 1
Static force reduction depends on your wheel and what you like but between 20 and max 20…is also different from surface, speed and car
Rest to default
Driving aids all off
Damage realistic or with permacrash
Difficulty 100 or more
FFB self aligning 110, motor maybe 50, damage 1 to 5 max (you don’t need to have a finger broken to know you fell over into the sea which is 200 meters below you)
And, quite interesting: it seems that FFB changes a tiny little bit on the different cameras you can use. Sounds silly, it might is silly
But with these settings you should get a relatively good FFB. And tarmac doesn’t have the FFB of gravel… it’s a good sign because if it gives you as much details that would be strange

Providing my settings for dirt rally

Btw i am using OMP Racing WRC wheel.

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WRC10 has had a bunch of updates over the past few months. I have a full Next Level Racing setup and WRC10 is the first rally game to support under and oversteer on the Traction Plus system. 90% of the driving games I play are Rally. At this point, WRC10, with all the NLR feedback and a SC, is the absolute best rally game I have ever played (in the past 25+ years).
Actually it is the best driving game I have ever played.

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Did or do you like 9 aswell? Because of the bad graphics, the terrible sound and the (compared to WRC9) not really good FFB in the beginning I didn’t bought 10. It’s also a bit shameful that you can’t use 2 shifting devices at the same time. Official license holder should know about push/pull and sequential shifter. Based on your post I maybe try to get a newer version to test it again