WRC 10 Simucube 2 pro

Hi. Anyone successfully set up the wheel base for WRC 10? The profile is in the game but it’s strange felling driving the cars in the game.

I made a small change to my Dirt Rally 2.0 profile (dropped sine wave to 40%) and left everything in the game at default settings. Seems to be working fine so far.

Dirt rally 2 don’t use sine wave

That may be true, but you need to lower the sine wave setting for WRC 10 or you’ll have some annoying oscillations at high speed.

I will try those settings you posted today, thanks! I found with some paddock settings I downloaded that the force feedback varies so much between stages. If it feels fine in one stage, if you head to the test area its like 2 times stronger.

If need be I’ll have different profiles for different tracks if need be, looking forward to trying these out. I’m new user to Simucube and Truedrive so there is a bit of a learning curve. Loving it so far though

Different cars, different speed, different surface… different FFB
Car setup is aswell a point. Within a rally the car setup has to be adjusted which generates again a different FFB