Would you buy again?

I have read a lot of stuff on here about the on-line profile management etc, lack of local profiles and the lack of development of new filters etc.

Knowing what you know now, if you were in the market for a direct drive wheel base, would you buy a Simucube 2 again, which one and why.


yes, totally. maybe I would go for the Pro instead of Sport, but no doubt I would choose again SC2.

Absolutely. Theres really nothing that would make me not want too.

I would buy SC2 Pro again, or perhaps Sport.

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I would not.
You already have my reasons and they are also posted elsewhere.
If I was buying one now I would wait or go for VRS or podium.
The reason is sc2 is the most expensive solution but it is not a full solution.
Non-ultimate sc2’s are lacking some filter settings that are reserved for ultimate. Also what might come in the future, being ultimate exclusive I would not now.
Besides crippled software the sc2’s also cannot be adjusted directly on the base. A big annoyance using my VR, (edited in since MrFox question) bc it’s not right at my computer & keyboard, so have to walk forth and back for every little tweak & hence not possible to hit it spot on.

Podium seems to me to be better total balance of software and hardware as well as cheaper.
Or I would go VRS for cheaper still and keep things simple, not expecting too much.
I did not expect the shortcomings that I have experienced with my sc2 pro.

(edit:) Lastly I would consider not going expensive DD simply bc the sims don’t yet take advantage of them at all. This might be quite a while more, so the win from going DD is not as big as it will become just yet.


I’m not quite sure what that actually means! Do you mean the FFB tweaks you can apply from the wheel on a Fanatec? If so, I’m not convinced that you’d need to do it whilst actually in-game very often - and would still probably need to pop your HMD off to check the settings…

Anyway, to answer the original question, yes, I’d buy my Pro again if I needed to. I don’t miss what I don’t know (Ultimate filters).

My only frustration has been the three month (and counting) wait for Ascher Racing to produce my back ordered (via Demon Tweaks) F64 rim - and the price of decent rims - but that’s hardly Simucubes fault.

Support is also more open, honest and responsive here, too, from what I can gather.

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Currently says due for dispatch in 1 day - I’ve been looking at that wheel too - enjoy when it arrives

I edited my response so you can see why. My specific VR setup is not right with my computer keyboard, so have to walk forth and back for any adjustment to happen. If that’s the case for someone, having it on the base would be of great help.
I do think Granite could write software to allow buttons to be assigned to altering the truedrive settings and that would help me hugely, but I cannot count that in as long as it’s not the case.

Also, while you are correct the expensive good wheels are not a fault of simucube, it is a possible win to the podiums, since they have cheaper very good wheels for the base instead. Hugely subjective, but a consideration either way.

Yes, would totally buy again. Might even go for the Pro now that it only has 1 power supply, I bought Sport because I didn’t want to deal with 2 power supplies.

Buy an extra (wireless) keyboard, problem solved.

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No, I still can’t see the screen.
My Sim rig does not hold the monitor.

On my Oculus Rift I can switch to virtual desktop mode to make changes while still in VR. There are similar apps that allow this in SteamVR too. Have you tired using that?

Yes, I would buy again. The only other wheel I’ve used is a T300 though, so it’s not because I think it is better than any other DD wheel from experience. Owning the SC2 Pro has been a good experience for me, excellent hardware quality, good straightforward software, and very responsive manufacturer support on the forums.

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I would 100% buy the sc2 pro again. Nothing i have tried can compare. I have over 1000 hours on it(Driving racing). And never had any issues what so ever. I tried Fanatec. But i do pref the Sc2 by a mile.

There is however a fue change i would make to true drive. Like a better explanation. Maybe a built-in Wiki/manual. Change the terminology on a couple of sliders.

So if there would happen something to my DD I would 100% start saving up again to get another one. I can’t imagine getting a base am happier with. It has surprised me since I started using ut in a good way .


I bought a Pro in the beginning of 2020 after having a horrible time with a Fanatec DD1.

If faced with needing to buy another DD wheel base, I would have no hesitation to get a Simcube 2 Pro again.

I use it solely in iRacing so I cannot comment on other sims, but, using the Simcube (Granite) supplied profile and with very minor personal tweaking the base is flawless.


What is the point of this thread? We don’t “know” anything, we know a new feature that’s been discussed, and there was a ton of feedback on it. It was also mentioned that nobody would be forced to upgrade the firmware regardless.

They also closed the thread because there’s no sense having endless discussion on a feature that hasn’t even been released or marked as ready for release yet.

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It wasn’t just about the software, but that was part of it. Also how satisfied people were with their purchase.

Not sure how your post has added any value to my question. I am unable to try the SC2 prior to purchase & doing all I can to ensure I buy wisely…


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Every Time I would buy it again, because it is a really great product that I have a lot of fun with. I recommended it to friends and after a test drive they bought it straight away. They are also more than satisfied. In addition, the software is continuously developed and you can openly exchange ideas with the developers here. You get immediate feedback and support in the forum. In summary: who and what can do more? those who buy earlier have much longer fun :grinning:

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Big time thumbs up on the developer response and willingness to do respond fast and efficiently.
Not matter any disagreements I have on anything, that is a big win here, for sure.
I forgot to add that earlier & it needs to get honorable mentions.

So you admit to having a not perfect setup, but its flaws are Simucube’s fault? Nice thinking.