Would i be invalidating my warranty by fitting a motor side shaft extension?


I have a Simucube 2 Pro and bought new in October 2020. I have a custom Aluminium rig (bought second hand) which just isn’t particularly adjustable and i need to extend the wheel by 50mm for peace of mind as my fingers occasionally brush my ultrawide monitor.

I’m looking at the Simcore UH1-55 https://simcore.com.au/uh1-55 and think i’m okay with the length but just wanted to ask if i’d be invalidating any warranty by fitting this?

If so i’ll have to go for a wheel side extension.


Anyone have any idea? Or is this an email question?

Warranty is not invalidated, but please be careful to not damage the motor bearings. Industrial servo motors are not designed to take loads from such directions that are caused by driver taking a hold of the wheel when getting in/out of the rig.

We feel that extensions around 10 to 15 cm are OK, but longer might be risky…

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That’s great, thanks Mika