Wireless Wheel Protocol

I understand that the current wireless wheel module is not suitable for the DIY market. As it appears to be using a BLE connection and there are many BLE Arduino devices around, would it be possible for the protocol specification to be published with a non-commercial liscense for DIYers?

I’ve already made a wireless wheel using a couple of Bluefruit BLE devices but it would be cleaner to have the wheel buttons running through the SC2 instead of a separate device. My solution uses central / peripheral roles so if the SC2 was using something similar it wouldn’t take too much work to have the wheel connect directly to the base.

I do not believe the protocol will be made available.

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We want to have this as a closed source / proprietary system so that we can control the devices as much as possible and keep solutions with varying quality away from the Simucube Wireless Wheel system.

If there were X amount of random DIY solutions on the market that were compatible (which will be inevitable to happen if there is a one well-published DIY solution for it), then the quality and properties of the system as whole would vary a lot and a buyer would not know what quality he buys…

Understood, thanks for the explanation.

Mika, in a previous thread I think you mentioned that there was another device for the wheel side in early development that would be more consumer focused. Is that still the case?

There is a new version for the wheel-side module in early development right now. It will be even less DIY-oriented, and more geared towards wheel manufacturers.

There will be news about 3rd-party breakouts for the first wheel-side module soon, but I’m not allowed to tell anything more on that.