Wireless Rims for SC2

How are the wireless rims working out guys and gals…and where are places to purchase?

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I think most of us aren’t bothering with wireless rims, it doesn’t allow for enough inputs currently and having a coiled cable really isn’t a problem.


What is difference between Ascher button boxes B16MSC and B16LSC? Dimensions looks same.

The size and the position of the bottom.
Check wheels compatibles, are different

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Id love to not have a cable but id also like to see much better options for wheels especially at the price point they are at. Don’t get me wrong they are nice wheels but no leds,no screens,limited switches,encoders and 600 plus dollars?


Ascher Racing wheels are at a completely different level when it comes to quality and materials. If you want the features you’re describing in a good wheel, you’ll have to pay 1200+ euros. More than double than what Martin is asking.


Don’t get me wrong im not knocking his or anyone elses wheels. I also don’t need or want leds and screens because I have vr. I also understand these wheels cost more because of limited volumes but most of these wheels seem way over priced for what they are. Sure some wouldn’t think twice about dropping 1000 dollars on a single wheel but that’s not the case for most and definitely wont help getting people to go wireless especially with less or limited features…

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a question for those who know more about me … according to you which Ascher Racing model should I buy between B16M-SC or B16L-SC if I wanted to combine it with a Sparco P310 crown?

The supported rims are listed on the product page.

in fact, most wheels, wireless or not, are abnormally overpriced. I know, there’s a lot of work behind, but 1k for a CNC machined panel, 3d printed enclosure, suede paddles, some buttons, a board and 2 shifters? do you think that the overall work needed to put all this together is worth 7/800 euro? Because that’s how much exceeds the cost for the materials needed to build any decent quality wheel.

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You can believe that. And you don’t have to buy them. But let me tell you, they’re not “overpriced”.

Quality has it’s price. Especially when paired with a niche hobby like sim racing. There’s maybe a couple thousand of us SC2/OSW users, who are in need for custom wheels (most Thrustmaster, and Fanatec users will generally stick to their rims).

It definitely doesn’t exceed the costs of designing and manufacturing them. You’d be surprised how expensive it is to manufacture something in these low quantities.

If you don’t want or are not able to afford to spend this much money on a rim, there are alternatives like 3drap. They charge about 300 - 500 EUR (iirc) for their rims. However, they’re pretty much fully 3D printed, use lower quality electronics and will not remotely match the quality of the more expensive rims.


thank you I hadn’t thought of it … :-): -)

You’re also in effect paying for the initial design, prototyping and cost of moulds. I know that Simon from PSE said it was extremely expensive perfecting the grips for his LMP and GPX wheels.


What do you think about, Simulaje F1s?

Or perhaps exist products like OSP… great quality and better price.
In my humble opinion

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link please, thank you.


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That panel looks awesome, are you running it now?

Not the bottom plate, but yes the LCD screen and car emblems, and are very well done!

Check in youtube videos of OSP: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQhKx4t5fBcUF3qytKv-VFQ