Wireless DIY Wheel

The question: Is there a plug and play microcontroller/circuit board sold anywhere that can connect to a wheel with buttons that will connect to the Simucube Antenna.

The reason: I took my ECCI 6000 momo wheel with paddle shifter and pedals apart, put the circuit board/micro controller in a project box and attached the wheel to Simucube2. The cord that attached the buttons to the micro controller was not coiled and was being held taut as I turned the wheel using a small spring loaded ID card device. The cord met with an accident and severed completely. The attachments on both ends are Dupont connectors so my first option is going to be coiled cord and a Dupont connector kit to build a new wire.

But I know the Simucube has the antenna that searches for other equipment and I wondered if using Arduino mine and an RC transmitter whether the simucube would recognize the signal etc. There is negative space in the wheel to wire up the microcontroller and extend an antenna between the spacers.

A much simpler version of this: https://howtomechatronics.com/projects/diy-arduino-rc-transmitter/ (then again this might not even be related to what I am talking about.)
I suspect this would be very over my head.

Anyone here got any bright ideas? :slight_smile:

There is a solution from GD themselve https://racewerk.com/collections/simucube-accessories/products/simucube-wheel-side-wireless-button-plate-module

Sorry if I understood this wrong

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My god I feel like an idiot. I am pretty sure that little thing is the answer.

Thank you Daniel.

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Yes, thats the ticket.


We are not selling the wireless button plate configuration tool to DIY people, so for DIY purposes the module will be configured as in the PDF that is available from our wiki.

Are these available now? I want to get one to build a wheel.

Why are we not allowed the config tool? That limits us to the buttons we can use!

the configuration tool can be used to reassign buttons in all wireless wheels at least for now, so it can be used in illicit purposes, and we need to control who have access to it.

Also, we do not have resources to support the button plate configuration software for large non-technical user base.

Ok, I understand. I will have to put up with the standard config when i design my wheel then.

I heard that there will be a new PCB that supports more buttons, Is that correct?

There will be a new module but its development is in very initial stages.


Does anyone know of someone with stock of these that will ship to the UK? Having a hard time finding one.

Mika any updates on development of new module?

The new module is in development and products that utilize it should hit the market (possibly) this year.

And I assume you cannot reveal any of new features yet… :smirk:

I can reveal that the form factor will be suitable only for wheels that have factory-produced PCBs inside.

will it support analog axes?

Ok Mika - Lets try push this one :slight_smile:
Will the new wheel side module introduce any changes in base side hardware?
I promise that’s the last one :crossed_fingers:

No changes to base-side hardware. Support will be added in a firmware update.


Does someone know if the Simucube Wireless Wheel System (SWW) module also support an encoder with a push button (with 1 rotation to 1 pulse aka 1:1) with the default setup?

I know e.g. the 7-way (up/down/right/left/turnRight/turnLeft/push) switch (aka funky switch) is not fully compatible with the SWW module without using the configuration tool mentioned by @Mika. So by using the default configuration you can only use 6 functions (without the push) otherwise when pushing it will also send the direction signal as input rendering it useless.
So if an encoder with a push button is fully compatible I might use it.

The default configuration for encoder-enabled inputs is as they are presented on datasheet.

Does the switch function work for DIY?

What which are you talking about?