Wireless DIY Wheel

Sorry SHIFT-button not switch…

ah, ok.

The modules are configured exactly as described by the datasheet. There is no shift button configured by default, its something that would require the programming tool.

So one more question pls, because i am quiet a greenhorn. Is it
possible to add 12 way rotary switches?

12-way rotary switch can be connected to the button inputs, but there is no setting to make any of the inputs to show only as momentary to the PC side.

What software do you use to confirm all buttons are working on a wireless wheel with SC1 with module installed?
I would like to do this at the test bench on a laptop without going into a racing sim?

I have tried to confirm this in windows control panel, but I do not see the button inputs working there.

I do see the wheel is connected within the Simucube software.

This is due to the Windows applet only showing the first 32 buttons, and on Simucube 1, the buttons from the physical connectors are reported first. There is a setting to switch this around on Simucube 1.

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Thanks Mika,

Do you have a link to the docs on how to change the setting on SC1?
Or could you explain how to do it please?

see the “configure X12 button inputs” dialog.

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Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: