Will there be clutch paddles support in the near future?

As the title already said and based on that a new wheel from Simucube is on the horizon will there be support for clutch paddles in the near future?

If I remember correctly I read here in the forum that some changes will be made to the wireless module.
Does this maybe mean analog input will be supported? :thinking:
Also, will it work with my SC2 Pro? :slight_smile:


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Does this mean my SC2 Pro Rev 2 has already this module but no wheel is on the market? :thinking:

This is the wheel side module. Support will be added to Simucube 2 in the upcoming Simucube firmware 2.0 release.

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Great news. So you pressuring me to buy the new Simucube wheel :rofl:

The first Simucube wheel is using the first module.

Ok. Thats a bummer :confused:

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Pedals or paddles? Don’t get it bro

Me dumb AF cannot write paddles correctly. Sorry for the confusion. I edited my post. :rofl:

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The answer is yes there will be clutch paddles in the next version of the Simucube wireless coming soon.

Most SC2 Simucube wireless wheel manufacturers are likely already making prototypes. :slight_smile:

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Bro I love your sense of humour!! Do me a favour and do some more writing faults from time to time. The first excuse is hilarious

How can I tell if my wheelbase is compatible with the new wheel module? I dont know if I have the rev 1 or 2. Can I upgrade the internals of my wheelbase if it is not compatible?

All Simucube 2 units are compatible.


Prototypes…I don’t know why people are against wired wheels

Will happen for sure :rofl:

What wheel is that? I dont see a wire hanging out of it.

Elemento From VPG Simlab Ltd. Posted a picture of the backside. Is wired.

I personally have zero problem with wired wheels. :slight_smile:

I just want to briefly mention that I have nothing against wired wheels. I only find the wireless system so pleasant that I don’t have another cable.

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