Simucube Firmware 2.0 status

I was searching for information about clutch paddles with my SC2 and I across this topic where Mika states clutch paddle support would be added with firmware version 2.0:

I am super excited for this and I am curious if any news can be shared. I’m also wondering how I can tell which board my wheel is using. Thanks for all your work, I’m really enjoying my SC2!

There are no wireless wheel modules around that have analog input support. Support is via new version of the module that gets installed to the new generation of Simucube Wireless Wheels.

Is there a list with analog inputs compatible to the Simucube 2?
Is there a special reason why the accessory port was designed other than reserving it for the, sooner or later coming attempt, to establish your own ecosystem (at least it looks like that when a lot of pins are marked “for future use”)?
Just for the protocol (one never knows…): There are no plans to either divide in “Simucube only compatible” and “the rest” or
“Simucube only and the rest which is willing to pay”?

Are you talking about the analog inputs in the accessory port? or the ones in wireless wheels? Those are completely different things. For accessory port, there are several manufacturers that make compatible hardware, such as Sim-Tag, Racewerk, NHS Racing, and I think also Simtech Racing. But I’m not sure, we haven’t kept up with who is producing hardware for accessory port. From Sim-Tag,you can get their sequental shifter and handbrake also, with a correct wiring bundle readily made by them.

It was to enable the aforementioned manufacturers to make their hardware also for Simucube 2, as they already made similar things for Simucube 1.

The pins marked for future use do contain CANBUS for Simucube 2 Ultimate (but there is no software planned or that, and likely never will be) and a SPI interface for e.g. buttonbox, but that is not likely to be ever implemented. It also has in the same pins a debug UART output.

As we control the firmware, it is only us who can decide what type of hardware can be made for the accessory port.

I was writing about the analog port. I asked myself what the advantage of this type of port is (it’s obvious I’m not skilled in this matter).
If I understand you correct it was also made that way to prevent non authorized access?
And what about the question “ecosystem”?
Thanks Mika

Hey thanks for this answer it clears up a lot confusion. Do you have anything to share about the timeline for the new wheels and version 2.0? I’m really looking forward to adding clutch paddles.

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I think there are wheels that utilize the new version of the wireless wheel module in development at several suppliers.

It will be new wheels, not possible to upgrade the module, so no clutches as add-ons .