Will Forza Motorsport (8) support Simucube natively?

Reportedly Moza has sent some cash to Microsoft for technical documentation… Lets wait and see if that is a viable option for us.

If you are willing to sacrifice between 50 and 70 percent of torque, changing to an encoder that is almost 130 times! less precise and having a plastic backplate (just a few points from a longer list) to play a single title, then so be it.
Beeing compatible with a title and getting a decent FFB are 2 pair of shoes. Is it worth to get stucked with Moza steering wheels instead of what you have now? I myself don’t even think about it.

Whenever a gamepad is mentioned first you know what the title is made for…

Forza Motorsport features rumble vibration support for Xbox controllers and improved force-feedback for wheel users, taking advantage of advanced wheel features to display RPM, shift lights and race data on custom screens.


if you are happy playing just your handful of games (sims) in perpetuity just because you chose this base then you do you.

i enjoy more then just the hardcore sims and dont want to play on pad.

I used Emuwheel and vjoy for FH5, unfortunately, it’s a bit of a “contraption” as you say and introduced some weird conflicts in WRCG. I would use it again for Forza Motorsport, but I’d rather not have to.

Early access for Motorsport starts October 5 if you have the Premium Edition, I’ll just give it a try and see how I feel about everything.


This is very similar for me, I’m not racing competitively and doing the same races in AMS2, ACC, and AC over and over again has lost its appeal to me.

That said, with some minimal work you can technically play any racing game on PC with a Simucube wheelbase, and I wouldn’t know what to switch to at the moment.

Personally, I’ve been debating whether I really want to keep “sim racing” / using a wheel in general. Maybe Forza Motorsport will be a convincing experience for me, or AMS2 will get an amazing Career mode soon (very unlikely).

Do you consider getting rid of the steering wheel, and use a controller instead? I myself can’t imagine this. It’s absolutely ok to like Fe NFS, grand theft, wreckfest and similar titles. Nobody should be so stubborn/inflexible and claiming to know what others should like. But imo all titles are more fun with a steering device.

We all have different reasons why we prefer car racing. And within this section we again have totally different preferences. Seems you want to explore the whole variety, my preference is a total different one. Thinking that one (or I) bought a Simucube 2 because of his favourite game is not really realistic. Just because a product like Moza now supports Forza doesn’t mean it will be any good at it. I’m convinced that a Simucube 2 will provide much better information in every title available. Some very easy forget these compromises they make to play a game that was developed in such a way that using a steering wheel is a major problem.

The question, why a Simucube isn’t supporting game “X” is a question easy to answer to:
Because Granite is not willing to pay absurd amount of cash just to be part of the herd. I would absolutely come to the same conclusion. Not every party is worth attending it.

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I wouldn’t go back to using a controller, I just wouldn’t play racing games anymore. Without a wheel, I would have never gotten to enjoy AMS2, AC etc. Ever since I started using a steering wheel I also stopped playing some (racing) games I might’ve liked before with a controller - either because these games didn’t offer wheel support or because their FFB didn’t feel good to me (Grid Legends for example).

I’ve been playing with the thought of selling my equipment on and off for the last few months simply because I don’t use it as much anymore. I feel the main reason for that is lack of software I enjoy, which is why I’m hopeful regarding Forza Motorsport, and some other titles that will inevitably show up down the line.

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The way to affect companies is with your wallet. Buy the game, if it’s not good then return it and tell them the reason, write a short steam/xbox/MS store whatever review and explain why you did not like the game.

Worst that can happen is that someone else isn’t going to buy the game when the wheel support is bad.

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I have 2 titles I really like:

AC, but only with cars from different modders plus RSS and VRC.

I’m convinced Nacon didn’t really know what they did, but together with a rally wheel the Simucube 2 can really show her huge potential.

I could also like 2 other titles very much, if they only had cars with the features their counterparts in real life have: Rf2 and RBR.

Since I use a 4 motors rumble kit for the pedals and a basshaker I realise how limited a DD/steering wheels are when “she” has to deliver all FFB information. It’s just not the job for it, and I really ask myself why we ever thought a steering wheel can provide us with information meant for our feet. When I turn off everything, only the Simucube 2 is active, I totally miss all these information from the pedals and the butt so much, it’s impossible for me to enjoy it like this.

That why Granite’s decision to design active pedals is, especially from the sheer logical aspect, the absolute right, intelligent and smart conclusion. I totally pay respect to this step. It is very difficult to concur something like Simhub. It’s amazing what talented people can come up with, how many others will contribute and how big and good such an idea can become. So to put the product on the other side of the price architecture is clever.

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That’s absolutely true. Although, when it comes to preferences, then I might like it, and you don’t. But it’s anyway better to have some information. And I think we, as customers, should do this everywhere. Really good point.

You need two for the tango.

I don’t follow how your comment relates to mine?

Reason FM does not have Simucube as officially supported wheel is not solely T10 fault as other makers were able to get there.
In other words it takes two to tango.

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Well my intention was not to blame anyone of anything, just telling in my opinion on how to influence companies as an individual.

In that sense it would take two to tango that the same could be done to Granite/simucube. If you are not putting effort/money to make the wheel work on title X I have to eh turn to other manufacturers.

That said I think in this case I would blame Turn 10 for being lazy not using the de facto API so that all wheels supporting it would just work. But we don’t know yet, and maybe it will.

But I have 0 interest in the title and could not care less if it works or not.

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Thanks for stopping by and letting us know.

Thank you for your always invaluable input also.

After bringing my PC to New Zealand for a few minutes, I was able to test Early Access for the Microsoft version of the game (not Steam, but I don’t think this will make a difference regarding SC support). Game had to be started offline to avoid CTDs, but that shouldn’t matter for the moment - I was able to bind my SC2 Ultimate, Tahko wheel, and 2 ActivePedals, and the game has FFB out of the box (no Emuwheel etc.).

That said, I only had a few minutes to test and wasn’t able to get the wheel to center, but I assume this will easily be sortable. I don’t know how good the FFB is yet, but I will continue testing once Early Access unlocks in the US.


I read that the FFB for Simucube was not available out of the box. In other youtube videos some people pointed out that the default FFB is set to feel like a “controller” and you have to change a lot of things.

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