Forza Motorsport (8) and Simucube 2

yes, SC2 force feedback works as a controller and there is no information about the road, curbs, tires, you just set the direction of the car

EDIT: moderator note:
I left this post as-is. The FFB works and can be made to feel quite good. See settings below in this thread.

Have you tested that already? If indeed that is the case then too bad…

Yes, I spent money on the game, tried to set up a few hours, perhaps more experienced users will find a solution.

Oh i see… The FFB settings on this thing look very similar to FM7 which were a pain to set up even on a G29 at that time to get some sort of proper feel. So if they carried this situation from FM7 without any real development, i guess a lot of tweaking will be needed with all these pointless/confusing sliders.
Also i think that even for the listed wheels, the same thing will apply. The only difference will probably be preassigned keys.

I’ve tinkered around for a while with the settings and found the following to be a good baseline.

It’s not perfect but it helps a lot with getting some better feedback on what the car is doing.

Simucube True Drive Profile
“iRacing All Cars” by “mayforce”

In-Game Settings
Invert Force Feedback: On
Vibration Scale: 20
Force Feedback Scale: 90
Steering Self Alignment: 100
Mechanical Trail Scale: 90
Pneumatic Trail Scale: 110
Road Feel Scale: 130
Load Sensitivity: 100
Wheel Damping Scale: 0
Center Spring Scale: 0
Dynamic Damper Behavior: 0-50
Steering Sensitivity: 50
Steering Linearity: 50

Again, the settings are not perfect, but it helps me to at least enjoy the game with some good FFB until someone with more experience shares some better settings :slight_smile:


This is key setting. Without this you can’t get proper feel. It’s weird but it works. I use similar settings and it works just fine. But finding that initial combinations of what to turn off completely is the most important step. Then it’s just fine tuning :+1:


Well, it works, good call on Inverting Force Feedback, felt like ass without.
Still lots of work is needed, all these advanced physics podcasts just to produce similar to FH5 force feedback?

Try dropping Dynamic Damper Behavior to 50 or something, it controls how light wheel gets during understeer, at 100 there is no feedback, the lower the value the more damper is present.

Graphically not impressive at all, blurry with bad LOD, not sure if this is something worth keeping.


Thanks for the tip with the Dynamic Damper, good call. Regarding graphics, something is off, the game doesn’t look what 4K maxed out with DLAA should look like, I’m chalking that up to being in early access for now. Aside from the blurriness and missing details, whole parts of the track are going missing haha

That is much better, Color LUT and Luma sharpen

Dropping Dynamic Damper Behavior is definitely a big improvement, thanks Andrew! I currently have it set to 0, still playing with it though.

Regarding the blurriness, check the optimized settings provided by Digital Foundry. I got a big performance boost (80 to 120fps) in addition of a much crisper image.

Forza Motorsport - PC Tech Review - Graphics Breakdown/Optimised Settings/Series X Settings - YouTube

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Thanks I saw it, currently running at Ultra so thought if this is not good, what else can fix it.
Reshade LUT and Luma Sharpen helped though. Same story as with Starfield.
Will review the Foundry settings once more.
BTW, SImHub released update with support for new Forza. Some tactile to compliment lacking FFB.

I didn’t have any issues with Starfield (other than the lack of native DLSS and FG, which a mod resolved), maybe a personal preference thing? I checked the DF optimized settings but didn’t see anything that could resolve the haze and other issues, but please post if you come across something. I will give the steering linearity change a go later.

Simhub support is great, I hope Simucube will soon offer Forza Motorsport support for the ActivePedals.

Check Youtube link in my previous post. This is reshade preset that fixes muddy colors and adds sharpness.
Surprised you’ve found Starfield colors acceptable without this.

Thanks, I had seen the link but never got much out of reshading. I’ll see what patches down the line will change. Regarding Starfield, as I said, maybe preference, or it’s a display thing, I didn’t notice anything offensive.

It’s kind of ridiculous to consider changing to Moza, Thrustmaster, Fanatec or Logitech because of a game franchise developed by a company owned by Microsoft. Why?

The Forza titles are around since 2005 and are running on PC since 2015 (apex). Their experience with DDs is 0, its platform is Xbox, and so is the fundament of these titles. It’s made for controllers, period.

They write about 500 cars, from which 100 are new. So 80 percent is from previous titles, maybe optimized a little bit, but… that’s it.

You get 500 cars, and 20 tracks. If you look at the cars you will notice that 80 percent are from 1950 to 2015, a lot of the tracks are located in the USA, and 4 or 5 are fictional.

The price is 70 Euros, the title over half a year delayed, and still is far from beeing bugless.

If you considering getting rid of the Simucube 2, you also have to get rid of your pedals, steering wheels, shifters, handbrakes, and then to happily joining a total vendor lock in system from either Moza, Fanatec, Thrustmaster or Logitech.

I wish you to fully enjoy this journey, if this is what you want, and let us know about the experience you all made.

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DI Effects utilized by FM

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Wow, what a game! Did not expect that honestly, FFB is as intuitive as in AC, combined with tactile support is the world class.
Don’t remember last time I had so much fun non stop racing.
In game and TD settings for SC2 Pro.


so would you recommand the game? Still thinking about buying it :smiley:

Interesting. You were the last person I would have expected to be singing Forza Motorsports praises.

Now the only thing that puts me off is the apparent Gran Turismo style grind, oh and that I already have some severely underused sims that probably deserve my time more than Forza.

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Thanks for posting your settings, I’m entirely inexperienced with creating those myself. I’ll give them a try later.