When i streaming, simucube2 dead

Perhaps the next thing you could do is to save a debug event log after the next disconnection. Once you have a log, @Mika may be able to take a look and investigate the chain of events leading up to the failure.

Sound similar?

The same happens to me. This is my post. In it I put everything I have tried to solve it and I have not succeeded

My steering wheel disconnects for 1 second and turns to the left. Normally this in death race. In the forum I read a similar problem but it keeps happening to me. This is all I have tried to fix. Without having any success.

-I have removed the power suspension from the usb both in (power plan and device manager)
-I have checked if the sources are well connected
-I have checked that it is not the usb port of the pc and the cable that connects it
-I have disabled the antivirus
-I bought a usb extender in case it was the usb saturation
-I have formatted the pc
-I have changed several settings behind the wheel

Did you guys try other sims besides iRacing?
Like AC or ACC.