Wheel to go with Simucube 2 Pro

Hi all,

Next week I will be receiving a Simucube 2 Pro.

I need a wheel for it – ideally more GT than Formula — ideally it would probably be a 300mm Formula style as GT3 cars have, but they don’t seem to exist.

I’d probably go for an Ascher button box plus a rim – but that’s out of stock.

Not sure when everything will be back in stock so looking for something to tide me over.

I could buy a rim (I actually quite like the look of the bare Fanatec Porsche GT3 rim) along with the Ascher shifters and spacer — and then wire that up with a USB board.

Anyone have any bright ideas so I don’t have to wait months to use my lovely new wheel base?


I’ve home made my aston martin replica, but i thing a good choise would be Ascher Racing F28-SC

Also have a look here: https://www.simracingbay.com/wireless-steering-wheels/

Simracing Coach Gt1, good bang for the buck

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@Pelice - all out of stock, disappointingly

@SuperMonaco_GP - good call on the SRC - have enquired about stock.

I bought this one as I wanted a 300mm wheel. (https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/300mm-slightly-dished-suede-steering-wheel-anodised-aluminium-spokes-black) and it’s perfect for me and a great price. They do suede or leather.

Thanks for the pointer @16sth

What have you done for buttons and shifters?

Nothing yet. Trying to do some sort of wheel plate with bluetooth. Just having much difficulty coding encoders on an ESP32.

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check this


I wish it was in english, does anyone here have this wheel and is it wireless and how is it working?

This mate bought one of this button plate, and if I remember rightly, he was not the only in this community. Check the thread of the wheel of this community

If you use a translator in your web search, you can change the language.

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You can take a look here, i made a table with all resellers and producers of usb and wireless wheels i know:


If somebody know more please tell me and i put them in


Sportline has a 300 mm bull horn and round

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Thanks all for your suggestions.

In the end Simon at Sim Racing Machines sorted me out with a couple of shifters and mounting plate — which I have mounted behind a Fanatec Porsche Cup rim.

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Could you share with us some pics?

Don’t know if still on the search. The Elemento from VPG Simlab is a top premium wheel and can be ordered with GT or F1 magnetic shifters. The wheel is limited to 75 pieces and, because of the extremely impressive tests from Racedepartement Aso maybe sold out.

I bought Fanatec Clubsport Porsche 918 RSR rim with converter but you can use any Clubsport Wheel from Fanatec.

I still use the Ascher F64. In terms of Buttons/Rotaries, by far the best solution. BUT: It is not wireless. I am still waiting for a good solution that combines:

  • Medium sized diameter -> around 29-30cm (ideally open on the top because of non-blocking view on monitor)
  • Enough rotary-click knobs (ideally 4 of them), so easy use of in-game screen-systems
  • Wireless compatibility with SC2
  • Dual-clutch paddles (so 4 paddles solution)
    Not seen that combination by any manufactor.

this is because the SC2 wireless module does not support analog inputs as of now. Very likely it will with the new version of the wireless module which they are working on.

Good to know, that is the reason I guess wie Cubecontrols does not offer the dual clutch paddles with their wireless wheels. That is one of the few things where Fanatec is superior over Simucube (their wireless system).

well, the fact that Fanatec wheels must be connected through a pin receiver or ffb won’t work isn’t a great idea for me. you can’t use a bare rim with just the qr, you need at least their hub or whatever it’s called. not a real wireless system in my book when, if you want to use any non fanatec wheel you need wheel+hub+qr+motor side qr+usb cable.