Wheel Graphics For Simucube 1 and Simucube 2 True Drive

I have made a few different wheels for the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool
Every body can make their own, by making a 400x400 transparant image and putting it in your configuration tool Folder. you must call the image wheelimage.png
You can do this with the SimuCUBE Configuration tool 0.9.4 and above

Here are my designs so far



Enjoy :wink:


I need this one, please :slight_smile:


Do you also have the carbon one…??

Just kidding :joy::rofl:

:wink: enjoy

Prefer this one…IMG_1054

Everybody seems to want their own wheel displayed (including me :blush:) maybe it’s an idea for you @SKeijmel to make another wellknown tutorial from you. Otherwise your days and this thread will be filled with requests. But if you like doing them …


Edit: Deleted. …

Hi, It’s awesome ! Could you make the 918 Porsche from Fanatec ?

Thanks !

We will not be sharing fanatec images because of copyright reasons.


i am not making all of them just did a few so you guys have some choices. i got a formula rim myself.
you can make one yourself just put the wheel on a transparent 400x400 .png image called wheelimage.png

Volant 32 - 400



Thanx Seb, much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Thanks same as my wheel :slight_smile:

Hi very nice job, can i have this one please ?



If you have something like Paint. NET (free) it is really easy to do.

  • Select magic wand tool
  • Set tolerance to 0% (only matches single colour, not near)
  • Click the areas you want to be transparent, hit DEL.
  • Resize/crop to 400x400, save as wheelimage.png


edit: Fanatec Porsche rim image removed.


Thanks a lot, for the tuto and the picture.

for some reason mine is not picking up the image from the folder ?? what am i missing?