How to change True Drive wheel UI graphics?

Am I missing something here, guys?

I closed TD, pasted my image into this folder but when I reopened TD the standard image is still shown.

make sure it is not wheelimage.png.png. You have hidden the file type extensions and it may cause difficulties.

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Thanks Mika

If I remove the “.png” it just becomes an unknown file type so I reverted back to having the .png extension.

Still no luck though. Maybe I’ll need to reboot the PC for TD to recognise the file?

This is with the file types unhidden:

You can see all file extensions but not for wheelimage file…

Look at my directory, dont mind Wheel directory, it stores my custom images

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Has to be exactly 400x400. No more no less.

I think there must be something wrong with the image I’ve put in the folder.

I just tried to upload it here in this post but I get a message saying it is not authorized and needs to be a valid format :thinking:

If anybody has the time or inclination, I’d really appreciate them knocking up a Fanatec McLaren GT3 rim picture so I could try this out.

I just took a stock photo from Google images, uploaded it to one of those online image resize sites to make it 400x400 and then did the same thing on a site that adds transparency for you.

Maybe something got corrupted in the process although I can open and view the picture on any of my devices.

You can find wheel images already prepared by others on the GD thread here


Im using PaintShopPro 4 to resize

Then an online transparent creator
I can try to do it for you, its a bit time compsuming to do it well over the dark blue TD theme

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Thanks for the replies.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a ready made picture for my wheel in the linked thread so I’ll take another shot at doing it again later.

Edit that: @Boska has very kindly done all of the hard work for me.


That’s awesome work @Alfye20

Thank you very much for making that up for me :grinning:

We previously put the line to not sharing/allowing images of wheels that are commercially mass produced wheels and that have with existing trademarks, etc.

I wonder if we should keep the line at that?

I don’t think you should stop such a thing happening, Mika, unless of course you think it is something that may cause a legal problem for GD.

You could say that a Sparco or Mono rim is a commercially available, mass produced item so it’s hard to know exactly where the line is.

I dont want to play with that kind of legal issues, i think is the best for everyone hahaha
My experience tells me to not play with big brands (Porsche ejem)

I can confirm, it’s not working for me too. I even downloaded some of the images found here on the forum to be sure I wasn’t doing something wrong, but it does not appear in TD. rebooted both SC2 and pc, double checked the file extension, still doesn’t work. I succedeed to do the same process with SC1, and it worked perfectly every time.

@SuperMonaco_GP prova senza estenzione e vedrai che funziona

try without extension and you’ll see that it works

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già provato, sia mostrando l’estensione e verificando che non fosse .png.png che togliendo entrambe le estensioni.

already tried, both verifying there was no png.png and without extension at all.

I am using Ascher Racing F1 wheel graphic with his permission

I tried today and it worked right away just putting the photo with the name wheelimage only. I tried with a picture of the forum that has the link above .boh

Most likely you have file extensions hidden (the default setting in Windows is like that). It will show wheelimage.png as wheelimage - it hides .png file extension.