Wheel center to be saved into profiles?


as far as I understand the wheel center calibration is not saved into the profiles, is that correct?

Is there a reason why?

I ask, because I use different wheel mounts and they are not all alined the same. So when I change them, I have to re-center the wheel base. If the wheel center would be saved into the profile, I could add a profile for the given wheel mount and would not have to re-center every time.

If there are reasons that the wheel center is not saved in the profile, then a solution could be to have an option to do that?



How is that possible?
Are you using some aftermarket mounts or just bolted wheels to the mounts at different angles?

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Well there are plenty of reasons why you could end up with this situation… In my case:

I use various combinations of QRs and wheels.

  • Buchfink + wheel - some are centered, but some are also off-center due to the way the buchfink mounts to the rim,
  • Buchfink + SRM Fanatec base side converter + wheel (which is in my case off-centered compared to just Buchfink straight),
  • adapted real car wheels/rims and it’s not always possible to mount the QR exactly centered…

So, is there a good reason why the center-calibration is not saved with the profile? Because that would solve the issue and I actually cannot think of a good reason why it’s not saved with the profile. It would make more sense than the “Just now” vs. “Permanent” save option which is implemented now and the purpose of which I do not understand at all…

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It is the way it is at the moment due to people having the possibility to change the center point for example multiple revolutions away from center, and thus changing profile would cause the wheel to abrubtly turn at full force to be within bumbstop limits.

However this issue / shortcoming is solved in the latest released firmware (the saved offset for center will always be correct even after full revolutions) so it now allows us to do exactly as suggested in this thread.

It is likely that we will move the center offset to be matched to a particular wireless wheel, and if no match then offset saved into the profile is used instead.

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Fantastic, I am sooooo looking forward to the next update! Especially for the beeping and high torque mode features… And if this is addressed as well, that’s great! : )

Well obviously the above mentioned features are in our backlog of things to do, but as the settings in the hardware settings tab (bumbstops) are set to be simplified, it would be simple to get the centerpoint offset to profiles as well.

Does this mean, a workaround to resolve this for the moment (for the old FW) would be, to turn the wheel by full revolutions and set the center again? Is it possible to tell how many revolutions in which direction?

Does your question relate to Simucube 1 or 2?

Simucube 1 w/ SinCos

On that, if your wheel spins at start, the solution is to hold the wheel and hit the torque off button right away when spin starts and set center point correctly when the wheel has not spinned.

I have 3 Buchfink QRs and they all machined to the same spec with different rims aligning perfectly to the same center point.
Curios if I just got lucky and other users have the same problem as you with Q1R.

as I tried to explained before - it’s not about the Buchfink’s are different causing the wheel to be off-center, but the way I have to use some of them in combination with adapter kits (like the SRM Fanatec conversion kit) and/or the way it is possible to mount them on original wheels, which ends up off center sometimes…

So higly customized situations and not compareable to off the shelf Buchfink-simracing wheel with perfect Buchfink mounting point.


New SC2 pro owner here…have Fanatec F1 2020 wheel and a Ferrari 599 wheel (SRM Fanatec conversion kit & the other with SRC OSW) & change wheels between sims or/and when using different cars. Been living with the re-calibration process for a month or so. Would it make any difference creating two profiles for the same sim. with different wheels (calibration wise?) and also to avoid re-assigning the wheel and butons in the same sim when changing the wheels (especially in AMS2). Any thoughts? Thanks.

We are thinking on implementing profile-specific center point for simucube wireless wheels. For any other (third-party) wheels, we do not have any plans.

One can already do scripting to have in-game profiles use e.g. keyboard commands, and then joytokey or something like that to map physical wheels to them. We have no plans to make a software for that as it already exists.

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A related question: Say I have two wheels whose button layouts are completely different. Both plug in via USB. What’s the most painless way of switching between them? Should I use different USB ports so they are always seen as separate devices by my PC, and then find some way to switch between the sets of bound inputs? Or that but through the same USB port?

It’s not really SC area.
Just make different profiles in your sim of choice and switch there.

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Thanks Mika :+1:


To maintain your button layouts and change wheels in-game, you need booth wheels to be powered on and configurated before hand.

About recalibrating every time you change wheels… Are you tried to match same angle of wheel side SQR in booth whels?
I have 5 wheels and no need to recalibrate, never. If any misalignment, is caused by not bolting the plate/wheel properly centered with SQR.


I am sorry to read that you plan to implement this feature for Simucube Wireless wheels only. Especially because I consider this to be rather a generic issue of how to implement parameter savings into profiles.

We are using various non-wireless wheels and some of them have an QR with an off-set to the “default ones”. To me it seems rather to be a question IF the center calibration parameter is being saved into profile or not - that is or should rather be independent from wireless or regular wheels.

If there are arguments against that feature, it could be solved with an optional checkbox to choose if center calibration parameters are supposed to be saved with a profile or not.

Good for you if that is the case for your wheels. But there are plenty of wheel-QR combinations where it is simply not possible to mount them in the same alignment/way…

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