What's the difference in RPM


I would like to know the difference in rotational speed of the motors between the: Sport, Pro and Ultimate.


That’s not something that’s publisized as far as I am aware.

But you can rest assured that all 3 servos have been sized from voltage and rpm perspective to ensure enough overhead in rps required from the sims.

For example, during testing highest possible requirements with DW12 Indycar at Sebring, the speed requirements never went above 2.5rps. From my testing here, I would say the Ultimate has double that at least, the Spirt and Pro will certainly have some (unneeded/unused) reserve capacity too.



Fair enough, thanks for the quick response.


Cheers Mate, you’re welcome :wink:


I think they only released the ultimate version especially just for you Beano, or farming equipment simulators where new ‘recruits’ need to feel what it’s like to turn the combine harvester in a muddy field when there’s an emergency power steering failure.

In the world of SIM racing, there’s absolutely no practical use for that kind of power.
Imagine the wrecks due to nothing other than driver arm fatigue!


It really depends on the car.
High downforce race cars without powersteering can exceed even 30nm.
So Old F1 and Group C cars basically
There is an interesting bit from Nils Heusinkveld on steering forces of pre powersteering F1 cars:


Which may explain why many of those brave (and a little crazy) pioneers of F1 died in fiery balls of tangled metal.

I do understand that the forces in some cars can be extreme - I think the undisputed champion has to be iRacing’s DW12 (or at least it probably was for many years).

I have no doubt that the ultimate will be popular, but I doubt many will leave it on max power with 1:1 in-SIM FFB settings…except Beano and most definitely Brion :smiley:


Thank you, yes, that is the case with the DW12 in iRacing.

With that said, there is a challenge to replicate real-life behaviour, even at those torque-levels, with DD wheels. as I believe the torque is to heavy going into turns, as it loads up to much.

The new torque-reduction filter does wonders in this respect though, I luv it.