Weird simucube driver issue

G’day all
Before I posted, I scoured other posts in here to try and solve my similarly related issue to a few, but with a twist…and I have had no luck. I just want to play with this expensive toy that my wife now hates me for…which is awesome !!
My unit is a self made simucube box with iono pro hc ( r2) and 780w PS , Large MIGE,Sincos encoder which runs purely simucube and granity and no MMos. It came with 0.9.5 Config so these were my steps.

  1. Plugged usb ( in x3) into pc and Installed drivers

STM32 Bootloader device appeared in both devices ana device manager ( See pic )

  1. Installed Bootloader 0.9.5 via Dfuse
    3 ) Installed Firmware 0.9.5 through Simucube config tool 0.9.5

Unit was in DFU mode during the above process when required
Started unit…motor moved forward / reverse over a 90 degree angle, then stopped.
Looked good I thought…wasn’t I wrong.:sob:

Everything looked ok with drivers.

until I rebooted pc.

Simcube is now recognized in devices but now I have 2 unknown in Device manager . I checked the address of these which are 8 & 10 respectively on my usb port ( usb2 ) and these are the simucube and the ioni card addresses of which I suspected.

Now I have tried everything to fix this issue and update drivers ( from Dfuse ) to no avail as Windows is telling me they are all good…( obviously…thats why they are unrecognised )

My PC is Windows 10 x64 . Any help on this would be greatly appreciated .


Are you saying, that there is an STM Device in DFU mode even after installing the bootloader?
Common cases why this can happen:

  1. Instead of uploading the firmware via DfuSeDemo, you actually downloaded the “factory firmware” from SimuCUBE and dumped it to file. Please note that you will have to “Upgrade or Verify Action” instead of Upload -feature:

  2. SimuCUBE can be stuck in to DFU mode also, if there is unexpected surface corrosion in the dip switch contacts. Please turn SimuCUBE off, and move the dip switch backwards and forwards several times. You can also follow these debugging instructions:
    Please also note, that Revision 1 simucube boards had the printing on the PCB reversed, see Case C here:

G’day Mika…
Those are 2 images. The STM device was only visible after driver install and not when in DFU Mode.
I did upload to the available dfu device as well as verify.
I have also just updated the simucube to 0.9.7 with no issue but issue still remains.


So you are saying, that there is two unrecognized devices in Device Manager, and that there is neither SimuCUBE in Firmware Upgrade Mode nor SimuCUBE visible in Devices -panel in Windows?

It is visible in devices but has driver issues in device manager.
It went into firmware upgrade mode within the config tool automatically when required

That is very strange. I see your computer also has the troublesome AsMedia USB Chipset. I would suspect the issue might related to that in general rather than SimuCUBE.

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I was thinking that after reading another post but cannot find more recent drivers anywhere
My board is an Asus TUF X299 Mark1 and in typical asus style, their useless website adds no value

Maybe a weird question, you used X3 for flashing FW - did you then switch to X4?

All I know is that I just followed the guide and did what it stated and thats why i don’t understand what is happening . it’s weird and doesn’t make sense
Just tested switch and all is ok

Have you confirmed, that those two devices from the device manager do disappear if you disconnect simucube, and that the reappear when you connect simucube?

If yes, then do they also do that if you delete those devices from the device manager before disconnection?

The 2 devices do not disappear straight away when I disconnect the simcube from usb port or even on a reboot if simcube is still disconnected. They have to be manually deleted from list.
They first appeared after the STM32 Bootloader changed to Simcube in devices ( not device manager ) …
but only after had I rebooted my pc.
I also found my usb 2 ports are intel and the 3 and 3.1 are Asmedia

Hi Mika,
Isn’t AsMedia the USB controller. I know my ASUS Z97 uses that controller but the chipset is actually the Z97 chipset. So my question is and I don’t know the answer can the AsMedia driver be removed and will windows then throw a generic driver at it possibly solving these issues. Just wondering.

Those motherboards have the AsMedia USB chipset as the USB 3 / 3.1 chipset and have some ports in back panel. The other ports are connected to the Intel USB chipset, which on the latest Intel architectures are directly on the CPU itself. Be careful to not connect to the AsMedia ports. Usually indications on which port is which is available on the Motherboard User Manual.

One such example I found here

it clearly says that there are some USB ports on the back panel that are connected to the AsMedia chipset. I think some of the X99 chipset based motherboards had even more AsMedia ports at the back panel.

Do you know if the ASUS Z97 Pro motherboard fits that same description because I do see the AsMedia software on my install disk I usually do not load all the drivers when installing a motherboard I go with the bare minimum because a lot of it fluff

It does have the AsMedia controller, in (some of the) blue ports in the back panel:

I have a couple of USB2 ports also would that function better? It looks like I could just avoid those 2 ports and extend my hub off one of the good ones?

yes, the Intel ports work better :slight_smile:

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Thank you Mika appreciate your assistance for sure reading my motherboard menu it looks like I can disable the AsMedia function from within the BIOS as I believe that function is mostly for the charging aspect of the port anyway so I can disable it and I have charging high speed USB charging ports on my monitor. It looks like if i disable that function they are just Intel Z97 ports then

Those ports are probably just wired to the AsMedia chip only, so if you disable that chipset in BIOS, those ports won’t work anymore. But please disable it and test whether it has something to do with this issue.

Yes will give it a shot if it works might be a solution for others too