Weak Road details and high FFB strength in iRacing - unsure how to resolve?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I did a quick search and nothing obvious.

Was comparing my iRacing settings from a year ago, I was using around 45-52Nm in iRacing with 100% in Simucube. Mostly GT3/GTE cars
These days I am running 97-134Nm in iRacing in these cars and trying to figure out why this happened, and how to get more road FFB detail without having an unrealistically heavy wheel.
The wheel has got so heavy that I’ve been forced to turn down the strength in iRacing, but have lost a ton of the great details I enjoyed.
To get those details back the strength of FFB required is way too much so it’s a difficult balance of FFB wheel strength and road/car detail -a balance that I’m not winning and a tough compromise to manage!

My current iRacing Simucube profile is:

Let’s start by reducing Reconstruction Filter from 7 to 3, as a first step. Then, reduce inertia to 1.0 or thereabouts.

Reduce Strength slider in Tuner window to maybe 70%. Decrease iRacing torque down to earlier levels.

Let’s see how that goes.


HI Phillip

Thanks for the reply, I will try these out.
Not sure if there’s much that can be done about the feeling of the wheel (bobbling/rattly feel) using Recon that low?
7 is about as low as I could go without introducing what feels like ‘signal noise’.
Got any tricks to use Recon 3 and get rid of that noise?

Also, when you suggest turning down Simucube power to 70%, does this mean that the detail I want to feel in iRacing are being overshadowed by the Simucube power?
I thought the general consensus was to keep the Simucube power at 100% and then adjust iRacing FFB strength accordingly?
But are you saying that higher FFB in iRacing will provide the detail I want and lowering the Simucube won’t impact that?

reduced simucube to 63% and in iracing to 45nm
Recon 3 feels ‘jiggly’ and there’s definite notchiness in the wheel as it’s turned.
Recon 5 is much better but the notching is still there

Can the Simucube filters help reduce this notching, if so what do you suggest?

Also, in iRacing if the Nm setting is below say 36-30Nm there’s a lot of clipping in the iracing meter, which is independent of the Simucube force slider. I turned this slider to 10% and I could hardly feel the car, but the iRacing meter was still clipping as if it was on full power?

With iRacing’s low ffb rate, there will be some sacrifices to be made, somewhere.

Try and find a setting on the strength slider in the tuner tool, that will allow ~50-60nm on the slider in iRacing. That will avoid clipping, plus give good overall ffb feel without dislocating your fingers in the event of a crash.

I typically run the Recon Filter at 3, but bear in mind, I have a large servo, with a pretty solid mechanical inertia, so my RF at 3 is most likely equal to a smaller servo at 5-7.

On top of that, I use damping at 20-25%, Friction at 15-20% and Inertia at 15-20%. I prefer a slightly softer ffb feel, with none of that overly amplified ‘noise’ some feels is valuable ffb feedback.

Even with my settings, I can very clearly feel what the tyres are communicating, even with the iRacing NTM V7.

But always bear in mind, ffb is a very subjective thing, you will need to experiment with the settings, no two people are alike :slight_smile:

Sorry I can’t be more helpful than that.

Thanks Phillip.

When you talk of damping, friction and inertia do you mean the main 3 settings in the Simucube software or the sliders to the right?
In iRacing there is a circle shaped icon to the right of damping, which I understand means the slider is ‘active’?

Yes, the 3 main ones in True Drive app, the Direct Input filters aren’t used in iRacing. Also, make sure you set the damping filter in iRacing to zero (default).

for the simucube 1 in iracing i use but remember each person is looking for different feel.

2% min force in game. Brings through road detail and understeer feel ,
linear in iracing,
No iracing damper,
Wheel weight set so it doesnt clip in sim and adjust power to feel in the simucube software.
450 deg steering angle as most cars don’t use more than that whilst driving and it makes the 32000 counts each way the sim see’s to be a smaller angle eg it is finer detail sort of.
ren con filter 5
i dont use the notch filter

Damping 2%
Friction .6%
Inertia .6%

A few pro drivers I’ve worked with like this setting.

Yes, good point by Troy ^^, for your current SC FW, take my settings above for D, F and I and divide by 10…

I managed to improve the FFB by lowering the Simucube’s power to 75% and TBW to 1000Hz (previously unlimited). Recon 5 and 0% in IONI filters, in addition to the app.ini set for inertia. I can feel all the loss of grip in the curves and the understeer was very easy to detect.

Thanks guys!
I’m gonna mess around with it today.
Much appreciated.

PS - @Hayatta so you leave all the Simucue filters at zero. I can’t see ‘inertia’ anywhere in the app.ini ‘FFB’ section? Were you referring to the damping values/parked FFB settings?
Edit: I searched the app.ini and found the setting I think you mean:
“damperMode=0 ; Set damper effect type 0 = Damper 1 = Inertia 2 = Friction”

Never even heard of this value before now? Is/was this a ‘thing’?

This configuration has been around for a long time.

Perhaps it’s just me that’s been around for a long time - long enough to have forgotten! :slight_smile:Thanks.

Simucube firmware does not do anything for the inertia effect. Moreover, it is not required to use the lower-quality directinput effects from iRacing.

However, iRacing does create an effect (damping, friction or inertia) in any case.

you mean you set 450 degrees in simucube profile, the calibrate in iracing?
tried this but for say the audi r8, the in car virtual wheel does not line up with the real wheel?
tried setting both simucube and iracing to 450 degrees and wheel rotation is not in sync either?
sorry if i’m missing something?

Just an update to say thanks to all.
After messing around with myriad of configs, finding the iRacing Nm strength (50-60Nm) that stayed out of clipping (other than impacts with walls which seem to always clip) and then reducing the SC power slider to a comfortable level (60-70% seems perfect), the ‘old girl’ has a new lease of life.
Recon 5-7 depending on the car, but 6 is probably the best for me.

Thanks guys!

Cheers Mate, glad you found something that worked for you :wink:

What you have come up with is petty much what I probably would have suggested to just reduce power in the SimuCUBE Configuration tool to reduce weight… Though at times when doing this you may have to reduce filtering a bit but not much… The Difference between racon 5 and 7 that I have found is that 7 has a bit of the effect of inertia on the return to center steeringing but does not have the opposite effect of the inertia weighting the wheel turning into the force… I generally run with 7 myself these days… I haven’t run with 6 much but the effects of the recon are not linear other than the fact they get more aggressive the higher the number gets… 50-60Nm in iRacing will generally be fine to NOT have clipping for a good 90% or the cars on iRacing… only a few of the extremes really go above that in any Generally usable fashion. Though it is nice to have natural rolloff if you have the power to spare (but the crashes are harder). Some of the major feel changes lately though have also come the New Tire Model in iRacing migrating to other cars… the new tire model is Much more compliant and generally doesn’t transmit as much “Road Detail” that the prior model had… With that though you get what is a more realistic ramp-up in performance where that detail starts to come back as the tires reach optimal… Though it still doesn’t seem to be as pronounced as before.

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Put TD to 900° and calibrate iRacing to 900° too and iRacing should align every car’s wheel rotation automatically