Upgrade from MMOS to SimuCUBE Firmware

Hi everybody,
I would like to update from MMOS to SimuCUBE Firmware, as I read that is more advanced but I feel that I don’t have enough knowledge to do so…
I started reading the “SimuCUBE Firmware User Guide” but I stumbled at the very first steps: “Steps to verify before starting”.
It says: Connect to drive via Granity, - how do I connect via Granity? Where is this located in my PC?
I’m on win10 and using a small mige + a simucube that I bought on indiegogo (a long time ago).
If you believe you can help me to this step by step procedure, I would be very grateful - otherwise - if you think is not a big difference between the two firmwares (mmos -simucube) maybe I should stay with the old one.

Granity is our servo drive configuration software:


Thank you for your quick reply!
So, I have to download and install this?

Yes, you should follow the steps in the firmware user guide, and update the IONI firmware first if needed.

Ok. thank you!
In what “tab” is located the “IONI drive settings” to see if i haven’t enabled any homing function?
Thank you for your patience…
This is what I see:

You are on the correct tab, “Homing Enabled” shows disabled, so it is correct.

However, you haven’t connected to your system as the CRI (setpoint input) shows up as Serial Only - which is impossible if your system works.

How do I connect to my system? I start the simucube?

use the Connect tab in Granity.

I press on the “Connect to drive”? The simucube should be switched on or off?


Of course it should be on, what is there to connect to, if it is off?

However, it would be best if I was able to help via remote support or something, as it seems this thread woudl continue forever otherwise…

yes, this looks totally a strange language for me…
Are you willing to help now or some other time, convenient for you? I feel that I ask too much, so it is ok if you cannot.

Check your private messages, right now would be ok.

A big thank you to Mika, I couldn’t have managed to do this by my self…

I have the same problem, I’ve followed all the steps and can’t upgrade to Simucube software.

Where are you located in the world Nicholas?

South Africa, Cape Town to be exact.

I just responded in the other thread you posted.
We need to pick one thread or the other so this doesn’t get confusing. :wink:

We can stay on the other one

Which is the other thread

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This one Robert.