Updated True Drive and FW - Now feel 'Rubbery' to turn

Hi Guys,

I just updated to 2020.3 from 2020.1 and updated the SC2 Pro firmware too, but now the steering feels grainy/rubbery if that makes sense. doesn’t feel how it felt which was nice and smooth before the update.

can anyone help at all… i’m very new to this type of thing and it just didn’t feel right. If i can go back to the previous FW i’d like that?


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I have the same impression with my SC2 Pro on ACC (I don’t try with other sim) … It’s very short and only on the first degrees but I find it quite disturbing …

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mine is on full rotation it has this extra elasticated feel to it which is quite grainy when steering. actually sounds like it’s making noise too when doing it vigorously.
Had 0 issues with previous FW… wish i could go back :disappointed:


same here …. its horid …… want to go back to earlier version ……


I thought I was just imagining things, but I have this feeling too. It wasn’t there with 2020.1. Vigorous turns have a slight grainy feeling for me as well.


uh oh was about to update … glad i checked the forums first…

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For me it’s actually not bad or a deal breaker at all. I don’t have any of the “rubbery or elastic” feeling throughout the rotation as the other guys are saying. What I feel is that when the ffb builds up, vigorous and sharp/sudden turns have a slight grain to then. While it’s definitely not as bad for me as they are making it sound, it is a bit distracting.

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Same here and I don’t like it at all… Initially I thought something was broken, wanted to post the issue but came across this thread first and realized I also updated the firmware to 2020.3

Please Granity, fix it… it’s really annoying.

In the meantime: is there a way to go back to the previous firmware? By resetting the whole unit for instance?

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same here ,wheel feel like crap now :frowning: plz fix ! I regret to updated ./cry

My pro feel rubbery and grainy even not in a game … :frowning:

The team is working on the issue in the meantime mika posted the method to downgrade to previous fw version.

See here Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread