Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread

the downgrade will be to 2020.1 directly.

Please remember that we have much of Simucube 1 stuff on the forum, those mentioned version numbers are only related to Simucube 1.

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Do you mean like notifications that pop up if TD is running or being launched? I didn’t noticed any balloons or messages from TD software.

There are small balloon right next to the direct input effect sliders when there are either created effects or active effects, in the Active -column where there typically reads ‘-’.

Just checked and mine reads ‘-’ under the ‘active’ column for all direct input effects

Thanks! We are really finding it hard to find out where the issue with regards to 2020.3 is as we can’t find a code difference nor can we reproduce it.

Instructions for fw downgrade added here for now:


Solved my problem, thanks!


Same here, problem solved. Successful downgrade, motor is smooth again.


all reads “-” , there are no balloons shown

downgrade fixed my grainy ffb, even on the desktop!


I did not understand someone can help me please


Fixed my issue. Makes me wonder however if there is any underlying issue with the servos we have or if we caused any damage to them using it while the new firmware while the issue was present

No, there isn’t. Not sure what will even give you that idea. These aren’t plastic wheels. I have been abusing servos for over 6 years now, never managed to damage 1.

I still have my original small Mige here, which was my alpha test-horse. If I couldn’t break that, you won’t break your SC2


Just a thought. Thanks for the reassurance :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it possible that this issue people had with the latest firmware was due to an issue with the flashing process? Given that there were apparently no code changes in that area, maybe it would be worth someone that has downgraded to try 2020.3 again to see if it still gives the same issue?

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tried it already and still issue persists

No. It will either work after flash, or not. I am quite sure a Mika will have programmed checks/watchdogs in to ensure a flash goes as expected. The only time really a flash can get corrupted is during a power-failure, USB comms interruption, etc…

But I have not yet managed to brick a SC2 controller to the point it did not recover itself, or I couldn’t force a recovery…these things are bullet-proof.

Smooth again, thanks!

I have tried going back to the 2020.1 firmware even though I hadn’t noticed a difference going to 2020.3

After going back and forth a few times, there is definitely a subtle change going to 2020.3. As has been said there is a slightly more grainy feel to the wheel. To me it feels a bit like cogging, as if there were gears in the wheel now. I can actually feel it through the rig on my feet too. It resonates through the rig frame so you can feel and hear it. I’ve tried changing all the filters and nothing seems to alter the effect.

I could reproduce two ways; on the desktop with no wheel, rotating shaft by hand (strength at 5%), and in PCars2 stopping the car on track and rotating the wheel left and right by 90deg.

Seems like something low level causing the resonance, rather than a change to the filters.

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