Ultra Low Latency mode - issue in RF2 with new Formula Pro 'F1' car

I’ve just tripped over an ‘issue’ with the Ultra Low Latency mode setting in my usual SC2 Pro profile…

I’ve been quite happily driving mainly historic cars (but also current LMP2s, GT3s etc.) in rf2 with a setting of 13%. rf2 have just released their ‘F1 reimagined’ fantasy car - the Formula Pro. I’ve had terrible problems with high frequency (c. 600-800Hz), high-strength, small-amplitude vibrations that suddenly appear and then become undriveable. A bit like MONSTER flat-spotting effect - but I immediately noticed that the frequency and amplitude did not appear to be speed related - and that by gently weaving the steering from side to side, the effect largely dissipated…

I tried an alternative profile that I’ve used in the past and found that it worked fine without this issue - so started tweaking profile settings one by one until I found the (main) culprit - and it turned out to be ULL…

13% causes me huge problems with this vehicle - 5% or thereabouts does not.

Just wondering if anyone can explain what is going on here and why I’ve not had this issue with vehicles in the past…?

Most likely this car has rather large gain in FFB calculation, making it more sensitive to vibration.

But rFactor2 game engine does not seem to like high setting in this Ultra low latency filter. It is pretty much the only game we have come across that has this type of sensitivity. Originally we measured optimal setting for this filter and implementing it as on/off checkbox, but rFactor2 discovery prevented us from doing that…


Thanks Mika - I think I might have also briefly experienced it with another of their recent releases (BMW GT4). Even though the BMW is a modern racer with a fair bit of aero, it’s also the car I’ve had to turn the in-game FFB down the most to make the normal forces sensible (lower even than the Formula Pro F1). I understand they might both be using new tyre data too - so maybe both cars have been built around a new FFB philosophy that explains why I’ve not suffered this before.

Thanks once again.

Watch Neils’s video

Thanks Andrew - I think I did skim that thread ages ago and didn’t pick up at all on the references to oscillations if ULL was set too high👍

I had this exact problem! At first I thought it was part of the cars “character” until after a while I thought the Simucube was going to explode. Thanks for bringing this up and pinning the solution.