Ultimate was a great disappointment to me

I received the shipment of Ultimate I bought at Simracing Bay yesterday. I personally picked it up and brought it to the airport with joy.
I was amazed at the crude quality.
The paint was defective and the enclosed bolt was stained with black paint.
Black paint that keeps coming out no matter how much you wipe it with a tissue.
I doubt whether this is the quality of the 2,600 euro product.
Simucube wants a solution.
Simracing Bay said it would give me an exchange, but I don’t have that kind of

The bolts caught me out too. It’s some crap from bolt manufacturing process although all the hardened (black) bolts i ever came across were always oiled.

On the upside consider the fact there’s not a single thing made out of plastic :wink:

Those paint residues on the motor are noted. Those parts of the motor are always covered with a front mount or a table bracket, and thus do not affect the visual appearance nor the performance of the product while in use, so that is why it has passed QC.

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this is very sad but it’s not the Ultimate that is a disappointment but the reseller.
i can guaranteed you that the ultimate is absolutely overkill and you can very happy with just the pro.

i have the ultimate and i can guaranteed you that this is the last wheel base you buy and you have to wait for simucube 5 to considering a new motor.

Contact your reseller and ask for a total refund and biuy it from RaceWerk… trust me, Luke, Racewerk is the way to go. ( Master Yoda ). Said that… it’s only visuals appearences but it’s impossible that the motor is affected in anyway but you have the right to a fully finished aestetics but if you ask me, it’s nothing problematic.

Ask for 200 discount or 2 Quick release v2.

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A full refund was offered to customer immedietly, before this thread was even started.

I also contacted my partners Granite Devices at the same day, as we are in great relationship since 2015 - andasked how many units are affected. So i can do visual check here and prevent any would be shipped as this later. This is answer i got at april 6th.

“This was discussed internally and this paint detail is deemed as standard quality as it does not affect the usage of the product in any way and that the paint is not visible while the product is installed to the supporting bracket”

Finnaly we settled with my customer with value, which is higher than the one you proposing here.

However, posts like yours, makes me a wonder…


Tomo: Don’t mind the obvious trolls, people know you very well after many years in this business now, and as one that has been involved with GD from the very beginning, I will personally vouch for you.

To everyone here and on the Interwebz: There is no other Reseller where DD wheels are concerned, as professional and with such high ethics-code as Tomo.

So if you are here driving an ulterior agenda, please don’t. That is a terrible and sad sales-tactic to promote someone else’s business and is frowned upon.



I do have to comment on this. Tomo is a great reseller and very helpfull in case of a complaint or issue. I had a bad Pro unit and he shipped and delivered a new one within 24 hours,
without me having to send the faulty unit back first. So I do recommend Simracingbay.

A unit with obvious flaws like this one should never have passed QC or be sent on to any reseller as it puts them in the very awkward position of either having to pass it onto a customer, looking like they didn’t bother to check it before sending out or trying to return it to GD, who may not want to take it back by the sound of this particular case.

I wouldn’t have accepted that type of workmanship on any of the 3 models and would have sent it back for a full refund or exchange.

I work with anodized products as a part of my everyday work, the cheapest of which costs around £100. They would be rejected and sent back to be refinished if they had the same flaws as seen above.

You can’t call something ‘Ultimate’ when it’s finished like that. That’s no different to scratching the case with a chisel and saying it’s fine as the performance is unaffected.

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Can anybody please explain what exactly the flaw is, besides bolts painted in tacky paint.
Face on Ultimate supposed to be unpainted accordingly to all stock photos, unlike Sport or Pro. Guess I am missing something in the message and the whole exchange.

That’s one of the flaws. The face hasn’t been masked off properly and has been painted. That could have been cleaned off but was overlooked.

As for the main case, I can’t tell whether the powdery finish is permanent or a result of being handled with something like latex gloves.

I deal with anodizing/powder coating and refinishing companies as a part of my daily job and letting flaws like this go is to head down a slippery slope. Once a refinishing company know you’ll let things like this go, the quality will consistently go downhill on every batch as time goes on as things like not being completely clean or masking up properly saves them time on each job batch.


I am pretty sure the overspray can be cleaned off very easily with something like paint-thinners and a piece of cotton-cloth.

Should it have happened - no
Is it worthwhile getting once panties in a knot? - most definitely not

The marks on the anodizing most certainly is indicative of handling the servo with bare hands - normal skin-oils…clean off with a dry cloth. Anodized surfaces will always show oily residue when touched by bare skin :wink:

Just my logical POV

Agreed. Clean them up and make sure there are no flaws before it leaves the base. QC.

Resellers aren’t put in a difficult position, final purchaser has no knots in their panties and it doesn’t get dragged up on forums.

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We are not sure if the overspray are from spraying the servo at the assembly-plant, or when the optional mounting-bolts are done at the Reseller.

I simply think these things are very simple matters to fix and are often blown out of proportion. When last have you purchased a new car?

I never have and probably never will be in a position to buy a new car.

The overspray could have been cleaned up easily at any stage and should have been taken care of before it reached the customer. That’s not his job to do.

As for the main body, I would hope they are just marks from handling, easily wiped away. If not, that’s much more of a major issue.


Why would you clean it up? If the unit came fully assembled to a mounting plate you wouldn’t see it. The other marks look like condensation and finger prints. I’ve checked my extra bolts and they too are powdery, not sure where these came from but I’m using the zinc coated ones anyway.

Whether you can see it or not, it’s still a flaw that could have been corrected before leaving the premises which would have avoided any discussion.

The fact that it can be hidden isn’t a valid excuse to let it pass through QC. That’s the beginning of a slippery slope where lower standards can become part of workplace culture.

If other units roll off the line looking like that, it’s now become an acceptable final finish.


“The fact that it can be hidden…”

It’s not that it can be hidden but that it is always hidden when set up for normal use. I think you would be shocked at what the state of hidden surfaces are on most products.

Can or can’t be hidden doesn’t make any difference to me personally. Others may feel differently of course.

It’s an inconsistency in the quality level of final finish that shouldn’t be exist between units. This purchaser recieved something of a lower quality after paying the same price as others.


Why are you bad wording a reseller if OP clearly stated he was offered an exchange? This just seems like a dirty way of promoting your company.

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A few specs (of easily removable) paint hardly qualifies as lower’ quality, Mate, and as the Reseller has stated, he has refunded him a ‘significant’ amount for this ‘lower’ quality.

So indeed, as you can see, the matter has been dealt with, the OP seems happy with the resolution. You keep on harping about QC, but it is an extremely minor and easily rectified cosmetic matter :wink:

It is not as if there are scratches and blemishes in the finish. Take your girl-friend’s acetone and wipe it off.