True Drive problem

I have a problem like in the video. if he wants to change the angle the application goes down. Even if you manage to change it, it has no effect in the game.

The save button does not work

The steering angle edit box actually triggers the change only when you finish editing it by pressing enter or clicking somewhere else.

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The parameters do not change. all the time is 900 degrees.

Is this with the 2020.10 or the 2020.12 beta that was released?

Maybe a version indicator in the left-hand ‘button column’ might be a future idea… You could then easily spot from screenshots what version was being used.:wink:

Leaving topic now.:+1:

it is already on the title bar of the application, but Glanius’s video just crops it out…

my version is 2020.12 beta

Next beta will have fixed this issue, and its coming very soon.

I can’t go back to older software. Is there any option to do this?

Now I can’t change parameters :frowning:

Mika posted instructions on how to downgrade the firmware here