True Drive Paddock sim images

Some images are missing and some need updating, and this work has started already. But if anyone likes to participate, go ahead and post. Please keep in mind that you should use official press images and logos of a simulator whenever possible, and do not make any new logos.

Example image here is of Assetto Corsa. Logo on top portion, and a great image in the middle, seems to work the best. Resolution preferrably 1024x768 or more, but the aspect ratio does not need to be exact.

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GTR2 and LFS are missing

and I think this is better for AMS

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I would keep it clean and tidy and just stick to logos without game graphics.

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Thanks @Mika - is there a defined area of the image that you intend to overlay information?
It might be nice to have all images conform to a standard.

If we could formally define what will be overlayed where, it’d help artists submit images that will blend well with the overlayed text.

Overlay information is on the corners of the image, and one idea which we have is a silhoutette image of the car type as indicated in the profile. This would be drawn as overlay on the center.

Also, the top portion of the image is used as heading banner when opening the profile “page”.

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Images for all sim games possible can be found in SimHub.


Great Idea!

Wait, I’m not finding an image for Marble Driving Simulator 93.

Andrew, I thought you said this thing had everything.



Just updated to Paddock. Wish it had a correct aspect ratio (running on ultra wide 3440x1440)