True drive 2024.1 new UI feels ugly

the new UI feels big with a low resolution, not polished, I prefer far far bette the old UI.And there is many “bips” I didn’t have when I wait and edit some profiles.
I will downgrade.

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Thanks for the feedback. Can you elaborate in more specific way on what you mean by “bips” and “low resolution”?

And my FFB is bugged, in the games it’s so light, I need to downgrade it doesn 't work.
With low resolution, I mean its bigger, and the police is bigger so it’s feels less refined, and I have some bips I don’t know why, never had this before, and I can’t sop the auto-stop function, it auto stops after a while if not used, I need to click “reactivate”, but some games doesn’t work with “alt + enter”.

dit : my FFB is bugged it’s light, I feel nothing, omg.

I think the automatic high torque mode, which also removes the standby mode beep tones, has to be reactivated again with this release. I’m investigating why that is, as that feature as such wasn’t changed at all.

Yes, that’s right.
I also had to reactivate it.

Oh my bad sorry, that’s was the high torque mode :wink:
Ok I will give a 2nd chance to the 2024.1 :wink:
It’'s not as bad as I have stated, it’s good :wink:


I completely agree on the UI. The old looked much better.

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  • The new controls seems like more tasking to render
  • App windows blinks on startup as it’s trying to launch twice by closing itself and reopening (not sure what this is)
  • Proportions of the controls and app itself are on a too big side esp. if you use Windows scale option on high dpi monitors (which is probably 100% of users today), it used to be an issue with the older one as well but at least there was working “small” startup option.
  • It’s not that bad really once you are relearn where the things are (who moved my cheese moment), but not sure the effort was worth it to be honest, aligning controls in the old UI and slightly rearranging things would probably worked better

That library that you are using Qt something looks like very inefficiently coded especially with new “fancy” controls, I’ve never seen any GUI acting so laggy and clunky. In analog clutches calibration I can click the paddle, go make a coffee and drink it, before it got reflected in UI.

QT is excellent UI library, but of course it’s possible to make it work not optimally or introduce bugs that causes the UI to bee laggy. Linux KDE is QT based as is Davince Resolve among many others so QT based UI’s can be both functional and well performing.

I did not use the new UI that much yet, but the little I did the UI elements were ok sized, especially to my aging eyes (1440 res). Learning where the old buttons are in the new UI may take small amount of time, I did use the old one for years so some learning away todo.

Hello everyone,
I have a bug when I create a new profile, once the profile is set, I save and all my profiles disappear, I have to close True Drive and reopen it and all the profiles are visible again.

You are probably right, I haven’t coded anything with the library itself, just judging by the final result in this and previous version of TD, it was always resource hungry and laggy. Newer version even worse.
Mika, that new Tuner app, is is based on the same library, also does it really need Link to try out?

Interesting. Is this an offline profile? Does the new profile however get created or not?

It’s an online profile, so once you’re back in true Drive the profile is up and running.

You are right, somethings going on. I will check tomorrow what that is exactly.

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Hmm, I had an issue where the status of the connected device was not anymore synched to the cloud, so I couldn’t do anything. But it was due to me switching firmwares via debugger today so thats just expected that something might go wrong then.

I made a new profile and edited its parameters, and it appeared to my list of profiles normally now. So I couldn’t reproduce the issue.


OK, I’ve run the test again, the problem is when the TD window is full screen, or at least enlarged, when the window is small there are no problems with the profiles disappearing.

What kind of resolution would make this issue appear? I wonder if this is to do with how the Paddock web app reacts to some very high resolutions.

Sorry about the quality, but this will give you an idea.


There is indeed an issue with this particular track of actions. We will fix it, the bug is however most likely been there since late 2022 already.

In AC normally DI filter damping is working. I tried all filters, but none of them shows an indicator. Not available, active, nothing.

Btw, I can’t feel a difference between using 0 and 100 on the new experimental setting. I am not even sure if it stays at the value I choose.