True drive 2024.1 new UI feels ugly

If you click apply in the dialog, the setting stays until there is a next any change to the profile you use or when you switch to another profile.

What about the direct input filters, Mika?

what about those? Almost no games use them in any way. You should try GTR2, then you can select the wheel vibration effect in the .PLR file, it will generate sawtooth/squarewave/sinewave effect as you wish.

As I wish??

I just wanted to let you know that n Assetto Corsa, which always used damping DI effect it’s no longer shows up as available and active. But forgot about it.

I can check if there is an issue with the indicator or not. However the indicators about active effects on the last tab in True Drive are definitely not changed in the code. Are they also not showing for you?

Dude, check it out yourself. I don’t care.

You need to activate ingame Damping to see the white ball on TD