Torque bandwidth limit

hello I would like to know that you recommend with the simu2 pro for iracing with the torque bandwidth limit leave it at 2200hz or unlimited? what is really the gain? thank you

Torque bandwidth limit is a smoothing filter. It does the smoothing by filtering out higher frequencies of the signal. As iRacing FFB consists of pretty jagged edges and maximum real content in that signal is at 60 Hz frequency, everything larger than that is just artifacts of the low update rate in this simulator.

We do think that slew rate limit and the Reconstruction filter are better filters to smooth out the signal, and it is not very useful to have the third alternative thing to accomplish similar type of smoothing. So tune out the smoothness of the FFB via the other filters and leave the Torque Bandwidth Limit to e.g. 2200 Hz.

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Hi Mika!
Are there more such recommendations for other simulations like AC, F1,R2f Aso? If yes, could you share them?

Its the same recommendation - torque bandwidth limit results in the smoothest output signal if you want to filter out all the artifacts that are a result of the update rate. However it also results in most lag.

Thanks Mika, sleep well!

Personally I leave it at unlimited with all games… When you don’t have vibration effects or motion it can help to loosely simulate the effect of road texture… I have been able to feel the difference with regard to the feel with putting any sort of limit on it… Just try running it with say 680Hz and 2200Hz, even though it is said that iRacing only produces signals in the 60Hz frequency Im not sure this is completely accurate. As there is a pretty noticeable change in feel between the above settings which are both well above that 60Hz.

Personally I can feel the changes between 2200hz and Unlimited (no low pass filtering).

Using unlimited to me is best because it allows the complete signal range from the game to enter the SimuCUBE. This then allows the Reconstruction and Slew filters to have the complete picture of game feedback to work off of and they do a much better job at tuning the signal without any pre-filtering latency.

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okay thank you and level Reconstruction and Slew filters you leave it at 5, min fast
1 or disconnect?

Its up to your personal preferences, or the feeling you are after. There is no optimal settings, FFB is subjective.

Torque Bandwidth Limit is a low pass filter that filters out the calculated signal before it gets sent out to the motor windings. It does not block any signal entering Simucube.

That has been recommendation from Granite Devices all along, even documented in Simucube 1 manual.

Torque Bandwidth Limit edit | edit source
This setting is a filter point for the incoming set point information received by the IONI. The lower the setting the more smoothing due to cutting higher frequency information from the signal and in turn will slightly increase latency which result in a more dull subdued feeling at the wheel. Generally, you want to set this to as high as possible to allow for the most unfiltered information to get to the servo drive. When using the reconstruction filter it is best to set this has high as possible (usually Unlimited). Some game titles do require lower TBW settings due to excessively noisy or sharp feedback signals being implemented in their FFB signals.


It was actually Brion who originally wrote that part of the manual.

Yea, I thought I remembered writing that part, lol Just couldn’t remember if it was transferred to the SC2 Manual as I know some parts were others were not.

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OK I couldn’t remember exactly at what stage it was actually filtered at… So it is passed After the recon and other filtering??? not before.

I can’t reveal the details as they are proprietary. But in any case, the torque bandwidth limit is redundant as any sensible settings (recon at 1-2 or slew rate limit is active) does not contain any frequencies that would be filtered out with e.g. 2200 Hz low pass filter anyway.

There is still slight difference in minute details between 2200 Hz and Unlimited.
Not sure about iRacing but it is in AC and ACC.

Late response - its there in iRacing as well, I pretty much always run unlimited due to this.

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