Thinking about buying the Simucube but I am concern with compatiblity

I know this topic has seen several previous thread postings but they are not all up to date. I also know many will be upset with this question because they think this wheel should be used for hard core true race sims, which I can agree that is where you get the most of your wheel and it is a waste to not play them, BUT it is also a waste in my mind to spend this much money and want to chill and play sim games or do fun arcade games with friends and can’t. So with that said my question as the topic suggests is simply wanting to know how compatible is this wheel honestly with all the arcade style games and games that are not the main true race sims?

I have read that there are work arounds for things like Forza with Emuwheel but at best it seems like sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t for people, I am a huge fan of motorsport so hoping 8 will work but overall what at this time is the current situation with compatibility for games? How many of them are supported and of those that are “supported” do they offer terrible FFB?

I am definitely not expecting great FFB from arcade racers, but at the same time I mean the FFB works but it’s so bad it’s not worth using the wheel still. I have read several posts where for example F1 2020 and 2021 work but are lacking badly. I know this isn’t always (probably mostly) not the issue with the wheel base but the developers of the game.

I ask because I am wanting to make sure before buying this wheel that I’m not going to regret it because it can only be played on true sims and struggles on everything else while most is still incompatible. I am not a tweaker for settings and just want to set it up and work on settings a little and play, issues with constantly not recognizing my wheel would drive me crazy.

One last question also, since I don’t own the wheel, I can’t get the True Drive software to let me view online profiles from the Paddock. So for those who can, how often are profiles being added/updated that are really good? How often are they being added/updated for the not top sim racing games? I just wondered how popular this was and if it could also be a great tool at getting some of the working but lacking games to work great by downloading someone’s settings that actually work because they wanted to put in the hours to tweak it.

It’s a nice feature for newcomers to get going without being overwhelmed with what seems like complexity of all filters and settings.
But in less than a month you will be making your own profiles that suit you personally, not using somebody’s else.
And there is a lot of odd and plain wrong published profiles as there is no formal certification or wetting of those, so use at your own risk.

I don’t play simcade games very often, but I do play a bit of F1 games, FFB is working fine and I can feel the kerbs and over/understeer.

Simucube is compatible with any game that uses direct input. The only game I haven’t got working was snow runner. Forza doesn’t natively support it because it uses xinput or whatever it’s called

Here is a post about game compatibility

Most of the games/simulations/arcade (literally all) can be separated into:

So Outdated that a Simucube 2, pedals like BJ/Heusinkveld Aso aren’t recognized and not playable or new but nevertheless won’t work (AFAIK NFS heat Fe)

Older but updated therefore playable but physics and FFB is very bad, not detailed (some GRID and Dirt titles)

Good/very good simulations like AC with CM, F1 18 to 20 (21 I don’t have), WRC 9/10 (10 has terrible sound and gruesome graphic details like dust), ACC, Iracing, dirt rally 2.0

Tricky ones like AMS2, R2F (at least for me)

There is a topic with supported games on this forum.

My fazit is that the Simucube 2 products are the best DDs available and some people even bought it for truck and farming simulator. Make sure Simucube is listed as supported hardware and enjoy whatever you like

I have SC2 Pro and DIY pedals connected via Leo Bodnar’s USB interface.
There are two games that I couldn’t run with this setup so i made a Gimx adapter and using gimx software I managed to run both games (g27 emulation):

  1. Need for Speed Porsche works but ffb is very poor.
  2. Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo which is known as very “demanding” in terms of hardware compatibilty - works very well.

Thank you all for your replies! @CLAYREGAZZONI I was already coming to this conclusion the more I searched. I found it to be the same with any other wheel though, some of the ones that were playable but old with terrible physics even had issues on Thrustmasters so honestly no point in using that as a reason to not think about getting a simucube.

@kipila so if I used Gimx will that greatly increase the amount of games I can use the simucube wheel with or is it for you just used on those two games? I know Forza used the Emuwheel with great success from what I’ve read around on the forums but I wasn’t sure if the Gimx provided a great deal of extra games you could play.

Also brought up on this post was the HE pedals, which I am wanting to get also. Would this also greatly reduce the number of compatible games even more? It’s just hard to know for sure without just giving out a list of games to see if people have had success with them working. So I’ll give a short list of main ones I would like to try with the steering wheel/pedal setup: Automobilista 1, crew 1/2, F1 (whichever comes up as the best one by most), Carx Drifting online, Dirt Rally 2.0, Dirt 4 maybe, Grid 1 and 2, Rfactor 1 and 2.

And just a side question regarding the more popular Rfactor 1 and 2 and Automobilista 1, I have seen a lot of modification and work needed to get these up and running from past forum posts. Are these games hard to get working for both the pedals and wheel base or do they require lots of changes per car as they are some of the main ones I will want to play outside of the working race sims.

I use gimx with games that doesn’t recognize more than one input or tolerate only fixed list of hardware (like SLRevo)
Using Gimx will allow you to merge inputs from more than one controller and additional controller (i.e. G27) in your Windows game controller list will appear.
rFactor 1 works well without Gimx.
I will check Dirt 1 and let you know.

Dirt 1 works without messing up with Gimx.

NFS Porsche came out when I had my first computer, 22 years ago in the year 2000, I’m not surprised it’s not well done, simply because the only FFB wheel at the time was the venerable Logitech Formula Force :slight_smile:

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LOL, not true, I had a blast with this one.

So overall it sounds like the simucube can be with some time compatible with most things especially if using the gimX. You guys have been very helpful so I’m going to follow up with one more question in hopes of getting some more knowledge on this wheel.

Some of the more common main games, that haven’t been covered above I want to play are: Rfactor 1/2, AC, automobilista 1/2, Race Room, and Richard Burns rally. Of these are any of them decently difficult to get the game to recognize the HE pedals and SC2 wheel base? How about getting good FFB that doesn’t different dramatically car to car in the same game.

I’m most likely going to initially be more interested and happy with the wheel if I can get it working and just make a standard profile that works without crazy oscillations or dead zones or anything else that would make it completely unenjoyable with the wheel.

rFactor 1 works perfectly fine (as I wrote earlier), as well as RBR and R3E. I don’t have a rF2 but I’m pretty sure it works with multiple inputs as good as rF1.

I literally took that one, its pedals and shifter to the recycling center on tuesday. It was nice belt driven (afair) wheel. Colin McRae, rally trophy worked nicely.

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For what i can says, nowadays the compatibility with different titles is not an issues. Sometimes the steering axis have to be configured in a different way from title to title but the games that is important do not have any issues.
I have an Ultimate unit and with an adapter i can use it even on title like GranTurismo… this is easy to do but works. If you want to control other axis like pedals directly from the servo base , this is possible, but a Din connector is necessary and this can be hard to do because various E. schemas.

Well overall I have been seeing there is Gimx, Forzu Emuwheel, and workarounds for other games. I’m surprised I’ve seen people using HE pedals and Simucube with Live for speed, Grand Prix Legend 2020 demo and other old race sim titles. So I’m impressed. I’ll be saving some more and will have my purchase of the simucube pro 2 this year! Thank you so much guys for all of the help! This community and the number of responses is why I am choosing Simucube. They have excellent products and software/firmware, but without the help of the community I wouldn’t get this due to the setting tweaking needed, but I know I can post on here and SOMEONE has tried the game I want to and probably got it working or have great settings for the ones that do that I can use as a base.

For what it’s worth, I ordered a Simucube Pro 2 because it seems to have less issues than my current wheel (VRS) as far as working with games. The VRS is very very good, but I can’t get FFB in Richard Burns, WRC requires a registry edit to have FFB, and a couple other issues which aren’t the fault of VRS. The idea of community profiles for games is great, and I’m looking forward to trying this out. I spent a huge amount of time manually creating/sourcing profiles for the VRS wheel. Some might consider that fun, but having a starting point to tweak seems like it will save time.