The RaceRoom thread



I would like settings too picked up all content with 90% off over Christmas yet to give it a good test bar quick try setting up wheel and buttons


For the first time since version 0.812, I have FFB with raceroom. Now I’m gonna try to find some good sensations.
Thank you very much.


Hi Mika.
Thankyou for all your hardwork and time and also how you take extra time to try help everyone, including me.
Is not your fault I jump in with both feet first with everything I do. (lol)
Jed saved me just before after problems I had and he sorted me out. He said to say hello. :wink:

Now I cant wait for this latest FW to release.
(EDIT -Found IT and Now updated to it)

Thankyou Again Mila.

UPDATE.(New FW Tested)
Tested and the ALL FFB WORKING. :wink:
Now the Bad part (For me) is I foundout that kerb pull/snap is REALLY BAD and now there goes my right arm/bicep and shoulder(lol)

Lowered some setting, tried again with slow drive 40-50mph being careful I touched the kerb and again it violently snapped the wheel out of my left hand but was ready so had lose hold of the wheel.

Now I put nearly all settings to “0” and put FFB to 10% and tried again.

As expected light wheel and very little ffb YET again just rolling upto and touching the rightside kerb the wheel snapped out of my Left hand again.


these files in controller.rcs file may help reduce curb pull not setup up fully need to do it but did adjust the controller file is in my docs games/simbin/race room/userdata/controlset
FFB rumble strip magnitude=“0.15” // How strong the rumble strip rumble is. Range 0.0 to 1.0, 0.0 disables effect.
FFB rumble strip freq mult=“2.0” // Rumble stip frequency multiplier 1.0 = one rumble per wheel rev.
FFB rumble strip wave type=“0” // Type of wave to use for vibe: 0=Sine, 1=Square, 2=Triangle, 3=Sawtooth up, 4=Sawtooth down.
FFB rumble strip pull factor="-0.2" // How strongly wheel pulls right/left when running over a rumble strip. Suggested range: -1.5 to 1.5.

far bit of info here too


I had the same experience in RR, violent reaction to curbs when using a new (unedited) controller profile but, I had a applied about 20% or so of each wave-type. Fortunately, I didn’t have a strong grip on the wheel so it just spun out of my hands.

For what it’s worth, I recall similar behavior with the AccuForce prior to SimXperience and Sector3 collaborating to develop a custom preset specifically for the DD-system.


i will “devlop” some magic settings for the SimuCUBE #soon. its nothing more than some simple ini file editing in yet another rfactor clone :slight_smile:

i doent use any effect sinds they fake and don’t really add anything but if you must 1-5% is plenty
just click in the slider and use arrowkeys to move it 1%


I actually have kerb jolt set very low and rumble set low from yesterday before testing new FW.

Need lay off for abit because cant risk injuring my rightarm anymore. Holding it straightout forward or to side gives me pain where deltoid meets bicep. Its old injury that was there but not to bad but the violent wheel turn has just brought it back to worse it was when first injured it. Nobody mistake but mine. I knew the risks yet in my childish excitement to have ffb in R3E I went straight onto track and it got me bigtime (lol)

Maybe soon I will be writing and typing these messages with 2 long sticks with both arms in a cast if this keeps up. (lol)


I can relate; I have issues daily with my left shoulder for many years since injuring it while taking a heavy canoe off of the roof of a tall SUV. It’s most likely a torn RC but, it’s manageable enough if I respect the limits. A sudden yank can certainly set me back too.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, especially if it limits your Sim-racing. :wink:


Thankyou for your Kind words :wink:
Talking about Left shoulder. Torn ligaments on that one from a motorbike crash, so the collar bone sticks up all the time.

Maybe I can just drive Veryyyy Slowly with left arm and not hit the kerbs. I NEED my FFB Fix. Gonna spend few days making rig setup nicer and tidier.
Maybe also just sit holding wheel and make vroom vroom sounds while shaking wheel with leftarm.

Back to what this thread is supposed to actually be sbout :wink: Sorry Mika…


Your apologies are accepted.

However, I’m still thinking if this is just related to the jolt magnitude being just plain impossibly high by default in RaceRoom - something that can’t be noticed by commercial wheels, but Direct Drive induces it - rather than being a bug in the firmware. The story about Accuforce dedicated profile would point towards the former cause…


Based on my limited experience with RaceRoom, I concur. It seems to be related to how the DD-wheel’s increased range exaggerates certain effects but, more so in certain titles. Most - if not all, ISI-based titles tend to benefit by reducing certain effects in the FFB-config files when using DD-wheels, imo. Most often, these are curbs / off-track bumps / larger track bumps but, it seems to be most evident with raised-curbs.


You are correct on that its just the game not the firmware.
in my videos i havnt even changed those settings yet :smiley: and do you guys see any problems :wink: ?

the game is only a pain if you go offtrack and you hold your wheel to lose or let it go. but some simple ini tweaking or ingame sliders should even fix that. ill make a video on it soon but for now i am too busy playing iracing :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me know how it feels!


I tried the slide of the friction but with values from 0 to 200 I can not find differences in FFB


I had to add a negative value to your file here:

FFB rumble strip pull factor="-0.2"

Because FFB was reversed over the curbs.

Is playlable now …but i can not feel the road surface at all, completly flat.

Maybe is because i currently have sawtoothUp effect at 0, and maybe the road bumps are using that effect.

I dont know, raising the amount of vertical forces ingame for the FFB doesnt work neither.

Thanks for the video and files, is much better now anyway.



Is it possible for you to publish the contents of your .rcs files and the SimuCube 0.9.0 configuration you are using?

I can not find a proper setting for RaceRoom


SKeijmel already upload a video with the download link for the file, simucube setup and ingame values.

i just had to follow his instructions and change a line in the rcs file.


feels much better with sine wave effect on! , just turn off gearshift effect ingame so you will not “lock” the effect and you will start feeling road surface and tireslip.


the problem comes with the engine vibration effect , it does not work , even with all sliders “on” in SIMUcube

maybe is a not implemeted directinput effect?



it only provides ffb when you are parked.


Thankyou :wink:
I tried this with my Large Mige 10k encoder setup and worked really well but for lots of clipping (shown by ingame graph) so had to lower ffb to 50%. Steering force to 100% and the other three down to 90%. Now only get clipping on one part of track so really happy. Again Thankyou for your help :wink: Oh, was actually scary at first worried about hitting rumble strips with my arm issue which feels abit better now with just the odd pain depending in its position. Loving the ffb.
Abit off Topid but…
For some reason, since owning R3E the wheel Degrees has always been faded out and not adjustable ??