Support Ticket response time?


What is the average response time for a support ticket? I submitted one 3+ days ago, and haven’t received a response yet.

Bit disappointed with such a high end product not providing better support. Currently my sim is unusable and only a few weeks old.

Thank you,
Mark Kluge


Did you also contact the reseller you purchased from?

Yes. They told me to contact simucube directly. It’s a warranty issue

Who is your reseller? I saw your support ticket now and answered it.Typically the process is such that the reseller should contact us. If there is a case of mismatched PSUs, then one of the PSUs should be replaced. We have replaced a few mismatched PSU units directly within the European area, but it is impossible for us to do so for other areas due to customs reasons.

Sim Racing Bay.

Does that mean I am unable to get warranty replacement parts?

You will get the parts through the reseller.

Hi Mark,
this is my only reply to your email where you reported issue with Asseto Corsa at the time:
"Hi Mark, for Asseto Corsa seems a lot of posts lately. Have you checked here:
Assetto Corsa Competizione and Simucube 2

Unless you have related to other games as well. Let me know more in details if needed.

Mika can you send PSUs to me directly, so we dont keep customer waiting?

Unfortunately I’m not handling the support cases that are related to physical hardware components; but I will message Esa to handle this on Monday.

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Well…I am also waiting for 2 days now for a response.

I bought a Simucube + IONI Pro card that came without the PSU connector soldered. Paid almost 500€ for parts that I am unable to get working and I still have to wait for someone to decide to read the support tickets.

I am starting to wonder if switching to Simucube was the right choice.

Hi Mike

I’m sorry that you’ve had to wait for a reply.

I currently have the main responsibility of handling support tickets, however last few days have been extremely busy.

We have a new Support Specialist person (started on Monday), and our support will have much more resources in the future, and our response times will also get better.

I replied to your ticket about this.

Kind regards,

Hi Esa.

No problem. I’ve seen your reply (and replied).


My wheel has been sent back for RMA on March 2nd and now we are one month later and still no news on how long it will take to get my SC back. My reseller tells me soon but soon isnt a date :flushed:

Hi Hitmius

We’ve had some clogging in our support, which we shouldn’t have had, and we have done extra effort to get all RMA cases sorted.

There is now light in the end of tunnel though.

Kind regards,