Strange Cogging Like Behavior

Hello all,
I just recently got a Simucube 2 Pro. When the unit is off, I don’t feel any cogging. However, when the unit is on, there is a pronounced cogging feel when I turn the wheel fast. If I go very slow I can’t feel it. I tried new and old firmware versions without luck. I noticed the stronger the resistance is, the more I can notice this feeling. Is this normal behavior?

Thanks in advance.

What number do you have your Reconstruction Filter set to?

And what Sim are you using?

Hey Marty,
Thanks for taking the time to help me. I have tried setting the Reconstruction Filter from 0-10 all with the same results. This is happening outside any sim or while inside. Thanks again!

If the base is smooth when off, but cogging when on, it sounds like something is sending a signal to the base.

For me, I have an Ultimate base, and in iRacing, if I have the recon filter set to 1, I get a cogging like feeling in the wheel.

If I set the recon to 5, then the cogging feeling is almost all gone for me.

I tend to set the filter at 3 or 4, as I like the snappier feel of the wheel and I actually like the slight cogging feel of the wheel as it feels to me more machine like.

Are you using iRacing?

If it is happening when there is no sim running, then it cannot really be an issue with reconstruction filter, as that works with the signal that is getting sent to the wheel base.

I suggest you make a support ticket.

Hey Marty,
Thanks for the input - I will double check that. While it feels like it is happening outside any sim, my main sim is indeed iRacing.

Mika, thanks! I submitted a ticket to support.

Just as an extra quick test, test the same by connecting to all the different USB ports on your motherboard and report back here. I have seen this before, but using direct chipset-native usb 2 ports resolving in the couple cases I have found.

Hey Phillip,
Thanks so much for the help! I just tried without luck - I also tried a different computer to confirm. It seems it is much worse when “dampening” is turned up.

Thanks again!

Ha, all good Mate, Mika and the Team will get you sorted, hopefully very quickly. Indeed seems something is amiss with the wheel somewhere.

Good luck, let us know once it’s sorted!

just to chime in a little, i tested all the boundaries in true drive one at a time from friction to inertia etc just to see the effect it will have on the wheel rotation, there is no cogging present (simucube 2 pro) as to be expected but there is the feeling of drag as one would expect with friction or damping. Im sure for you to describe it as cogging its not just the drag effect which would be more pronounced the faster you try to spin the wheel, you might even hear in a silent room a sawing kind of sound from the motor if you saw the wheel left and right with full damping or friction which would be normal as you fight against the magnetic resistance. cogging would be noticeable steps in the rotation, often its consistently spaced between the magnets and often found to be present on non servo motor units. so i noticed it quite a lot on a fanatec DD1, simagic m10 is known to be pretty bad for it etc but yeh the simucube motors are very smooth, if yours is not as i think has been established then fingers crossed its a quick and easy exchange or repair of some kind.

Thanks so much for taking the time to test all of that. If you do not mind me asking, did you test outside of any sim? I did notice it is worse when data is not being sent to the wheel although it is still present in the sims. As you mentioned it is not normal but from what I understand, it feels like cogging but it is not actually the case due to the way the motors are built. If I had to compare it to my DD2, I would say it is a similar feeling but the notches are much closer together in the SC2 so it isn’t as bad if that makes sense. Also only happens with faster broad movements when dampening or other resistance is turned up.

hey no worries at all, yeh from what you are describing now it does sound more ‘‘normal’’. i dont think there is a motor out there that is absolutely perfectly smooth with damping or any other kind of resistance because those settings have a direct impact on how the magnets behave. the simucube 2 should be significantly smoother than the DD1/2 from my experience, the DD1/2 have very pronounced steps compared to the simucube where you would need to really go looking for it, but with resistance of some kind on fast turning of the wheel its not uncommon to get some kind of drag or grain but it should be very very minor.

Outside sims mine is silky smooth, even with high damper there is no “cogging”, it’s not a stepper motor so there shouldn’t be any.

Thanks @jinx20001 and @Andrew_WOT,
Those are interesting points. So perhaps while it is not cogging, it is some form of grain. It is strange that Andrew is not experiencing any of this. SC support said they would get back to me so I will let everyone know of any updates. Thanks again for everyone’s help - really awesome of you guys.

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I really don’t, specifically tested it before posting.
This is SC2 Pro R1, TD 2020.10, and I do not use any slew or resonance reduction.
But looks like Mika already suggested you to submit support ticket, could be HW issue after all.

Thanks @Andrew_WOT
May I ask why that particular firmware? I am on the latest but perhaps I am missing out? I also noticed in the Porsche 911 Cup in iRacing along with a few other cars, if I turn the wheel ever slightly either direction, if feels like it isn’t quite smooth. That one may be in my settings though.

It’s the last supporting Classic and before major FW rewrite, least issues too.

Actually it’s 2021.9 that is the latest before rewrite and the one I use. 2020.10 is also good but latest revisions of SC2 do not support it.

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Hey all,
As promised I would update this thread after working with support. They mentioned the graininess is normal on top of me having a light Fanatec Formula v2 wheel on the base. They also said a 9 or 10 reconstruction filter is necessary for iRacing to get rid of the small vibrations when slightly moving the wheel.

Sounds like perhaps I just need to get a better quality and heavy wheel! Appreciate everyone’s help.

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I am not sure about 9-10 recon in iRacing, sounds excessive, but I am not playing this sim, never exceed 3 in all other titles.
But cogging “normal” without any signal, that is something eyebrows raising to me.

Does anybody else have it?

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