Steering Wheels of the SC2 Community



I’ve designed my own AMG GT3 wheel from scratch. 6mm T7075 alu plate, bead-blasted and hard anodized. OTTO P8 switches, Elma encoders and rotary selector.

Grips took me a while to get to my liking. But now great. Will have final parts machined now that the prototype feels good. Anyway, it feels great to drive with, just thought I’d share. It is mounted to Bogeyman, my big AKM65 servo with SC2 Ultimate controller.


Respect! Looks good, and if it meets your requirements, then it must be of high quality. Very very nice work.

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I’m curious: which pedals are you using? It looks like a car pedal box, so I assume hydraulic.

@drivendriver Hi, yes, it’s hydraulic. I used Doppler pedals, and then Tilton floating master cylinders, as well as some drag-race calipers, and a few other special bits and pieces. It was quite expensive, and using an LVIT as throttle-sensor made it even more so, but it is an absolute phenomenal set.

Maybe this picture can give a better view - it was a work in progress there, and has changed a bit since then, with cables and tubing properly routed, as well as a new unique throttle damper fitted. The build looks simple, but there was a lot of work to get all the parts working together, as the Dopplers came with its own master cylinders, but I was intent on using the Tiltons, with the nice alu tanks, so it was a fair bit of research for fittings, tubings, etc…


Thank you. Looks very neat. So there’s a big difference in feel between hydraulic + elastomers and load cells + elastomers?

I’m still tempted to get a hydraulic set at some point (no DIY for me, though).

no, it’s the same, you just have hydraulic fluid as an extra middle man in hydraulic pedals, and with proper hoses that don’t expand will feel identical to not having the hydraulics

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Your eyes, aswell as your attention to details, are/is much better than mine!! Didn’t even saw the pedals. Is very interesting to learn about. And: it’s quite amazing to see @phillip.vanrensburg describing it as “looking simple” (to me it looks amazing tbh).


Interesting heel plate design, never seen anything alike.

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It feels very different to LC pedals, I have owned a few different sets of LC pedals over the years, and the hydraulic brake on this one feels quite different. Also the clutch is pretty unique.

But horses for courses, all that matters is what work for each of us individually.

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It’s something I designed and tuned for this pedal set, Andrew. Had to go through 2 or 3 iterations until it felt perfect. Was worth it in the end.

If you need more info, happy yo provide it. There anyway is a measure of adjustment available, at least front to back. I have slotted that heavy 20mm thick base, so the heel-rest can move ~50mm total, which is more than enough to get a super comfortable position. There is a 4040 extrusion running length-wise through the 3D parts of the heel-plate, those 3D parts have the ‘female’ receiver, call it a negative of the 4040 profile, and the profile fits very snug into the 3D parts.

Pic below might show the end caps on the profile, so you can get a better idea of what I mean. Apologies for the verbiage.

The extrusion profile is secured with 8mm t-bolts from underneath, so adjustment is quite simple. But as it sits there, it is the perfect height, angle and position for those specific pedals. It’s comfortable that your heel has a kicker against which it can rest, makes for a very ergonomic experience.

I can drive for hours on end, without my feet/legs getting tired. There also is a pretty decent BK Advance shaker underneath, it doesn’t need to much power to give very good tactile feedback, as you might notice the isolator rubbers the whole tray is sitting on. I have the same concept for my seat, and the tactile experience is wonderful.

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Your innovative and sound approach to anything sim-rig related has always amazed me, why are you not doing work for GD, after so many years of cooperation you should be a board member, if they have one.
Curved design of the plate is a bit unusual, any reason for that instead of traditional flat with square lip or lipless approach.
I am in the process of acquiring Simagic P-HPR reactors (back ordered everywhere) to add some tactile to my Simtrecs pedals myself. In general unless you have massive transducers under the plate, something mounted directly to pedal arms should provide more localized experience (brake/throttle) with lesser power requirements.

Hi Andrew,
Appreciate your comments :wink:

Reason for the curved shape is so that I can relax my legs and the curve will essentially just ‘cup’ my heel, so it doesn’t require effort to keep it on the heel-rest. So it doesn’t slide up or backwards much at all, allowing me to focus on braking precision, as opposed to keeping my heels somehow in the right spot….

Works well for me, YMMV though….

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All good - no offence taken :slight_smile:

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My personal wheel Simucube.


Love to see dedicated Sim buttons like CAM BACK VR…

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Me too! Already when I saw the wheel the first time, or better, it’s photo, I said to myself " what a beautiful wheel this is". Very special, and the labels are first class.