Start-up SimuCube

Good morning,

I just buy a basic kit in order to proceed to buid myself a direct wheel drive, the configuration is;

  • IONI Pro HC Servo & Stepper Drive

-NDR-480-48, 480 W 48 VDC power supply


Everything is connected as it should be, power, X4 pin to PC…

  1. The first question is, as soon the hardware is wired, should i proceed to stablish the communication between Granity and Simucube, isn’t it? Or there are some steep before ?

  2. When i am trying to stablish the communication i can only see on “Communication interface device” 2 possibles connections ; Generic serial port (COM1) and TCP/IP, the other possibilities are missing, do you know why?


Thanks in advance

try to change usb port

Did you connect both usb cables to the simucube? If yes then try another usb port (it can be a bit picky).

Are there any devices with yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager? I’ve seen issue where the FTDI virtual com port driver was somehow installed wrongly, and also that Windows had managed to somehow detect a mouse in that port (!) and thus no connections to that port could be made.

hi guys,

thanks for your support,

i already change the usb and the same… The Granite Devices support told me that I should install SimuCube configuration tool ( firmware ) and enable the Granity connection from the simucube configuration software

Is this SimuCuce configuration tool (firmware), should i go to advanced -> Enable IONI configuration via USB, is it right?

Yes, thats right.

However, if you do not install anything, or just install the Simucube bootloader via DfuSeDemo and not the firmware afterwards, then the X4 USB port will remain available for Granity.

Hi Mika, thanks

I already installed the driver but there is still no connection!
I connect the board on X4.

What is the next step to go further?


I also prepared the MMos frirmware the dfu file is created, but there is noway to put the board in DFU mode, i already the guide from top to down, case A, B and C…

Wich is the prioritz stablish the comunication by granity or uplade the .dfu file ?


Did you try to connect by selecting basic uart ?

Btw what servo and encoder do you have?

Hi guys thanks,

Some progress :slight_smile:

right now

i have connection on Granity
MMos firmware is already intalled

Which should be the next step? RIght now i dont have motor connected only the Simucube board (the motor will arrive in 2 weeks)

Is there some step missing?

Which motor are you getting? MMOS only supports incremental encoders, not BiSS-C nor SinCos.


The motor will arrive next week

Mige 130ST - AM15015 BISS C encoder

Then you should install the Simucube Bootloader DFU file from the latest 0.50.4 release, and then Simucube Firmware by using 0.11.2 version which is the most stable version for new installs.

MMOS will not work with Biss-C encoder.

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Hi Mika, thanks

yes, I followed your steps and it looks good. What should i do right now? remember that i dont have the motor yet?


You need to get the motor, and then run the Motor Configuration Wizard.

have the drc ready for your motor and encoder :wink:

Good afternoon, thanks for the support again

Ok, sounds good. As soon i get the motor i will ask you again,


Hi Mika,

I changed all my computer to Win 10, then after connect semicube board on pc, I can´t see the ST32 bootloader i already change several times the usb port.

When i connect both x3 and x4 to pc I can see this

i did some trials on my old Win 7 and i could see the ST32 bootlader


I forget to mention that i have connection trough Granity and i have already installed Difu and SimuCube configuration Tool ( 0.11.2 becuase is a Biss c encoder).

The first step should load the Simucube Bootloader DFU file from the latest 0.50.4 release, but if i cannot see ST32 bootloader there is no way to proceed