Sound of SC2 Ultimate

Hello All,

We are in process of setting up our base but still some things are new to us, so sorry for some dumb questions.
When we drive off track or heavy corner or heavy breaking base makes this sounds.

Is it normal, we also have a DD2 base and I cannot hear anything like that.
We check with different profiles and titles and this sound happening in weak as well strong ffb settings.

Thanks in advance for help.


Its completely normal.

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(Caveat, I am on the pro, but it seems this is the same.)

It can be normal & seems to happen on high frequent strong-ish changes to the motor speed.

But 2 points:

  • Currently there is an issue with the latest firmware(2020.3) that produces this(possibly not EXACTLY this sound here) where it would not normally occur & affects the FFB feeling on many units(mine included).

So, important to use firmware 2020.1 for now.

  • With good firmware this can happen too & depends on your settings.
    A combination of reconstruction filter at fast setting & high speed slew rate will make this happen more & at different settings depending on simulator’s FFB raw data.

It is NOT really bad in any way, but can point to using too raw data, that is not well formed before it hits the motor. Sometimes it is what you prefer though, it depends on your personal opinion on the feeling of the FFB.

I personally normally dial it out a little(but not completely by any means) by either using a slower recon filter or slower slew rate limit or both.

Disclaimer: I could very well be wrong on assuming it to be caused by high frequent strong-ish changes to the motor speed. Mika would know if I am way off.

Hope this helps, otherwise just disregard completely 8)


Thanks for your answers, Mika can you confirm kledsen sugestion? If yes how can we downgrade software?

There is a thread about it:

Basically use the TrueDrive 2020.1 software with a flag: fwdowngrade

Here are the instructions for downgrading.

The sound heard in the video is coming from the motor coil current measurements noise. Our servo drive technology has a quite tightly tuned feedback loop to optimize FFB feel, but the compromise is a slight audible noise in the motor coils.

This does not have any additional noise nor does it feature anything present in the latest firmware version which we are investigating.

Great Mika thanks, as we never use previous driver do you recommend to downgrade? We don’t want to broke anything with the base and in topic with downgrade you said that it’s not tested if I understand correctly.

There is no reason to recommend any downgrade at this point.



Interesting, so you are saying the new firmware produces some additional noise sometimes, but that it does not affect the FFB output at all?

If this is the case I might re-install the new firmware again.

In the latest firmware, there seems to be some additional noise reported on the wheel, but unlikely that it can be felt when driving. We have not managed to reproduce the issue on any of our units at our homes (remote working) so giving blanket instructions to use 2020.1 or to downgrade to that version is misleading and not needed.

Will try the new firmware again and play around here later to see if I can find anything of value.


I did some further testing now.
This time I could not hear any difference after upgrading.
Maybe it is related to the upgrading itself?

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the issue was/is real. First time I upgraded I raced & heard it after only a few mins. Put it aside for a cpl days, but THEN saw the thread about others having the exact same issue.

I will keep firmware 2020.3 on now & post again with better info IF it ever occurs again.

@Mika I’m not sure if this information helps but when changing reconstruction filter to 1 sounds are more noticeable and when in 9 they less noticeable. Maybe it helps. Also I have tried to use to profiles Iracing simple and advance,and in my opinion in advance mode effect is more noticeable.

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